Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something big and almost sort-a white out for a walk was given away by a barking dog. I was called out at about 11:00 PM. Just ducky, I’m not only called out in the middle of an heavily overcast night it was beginning to rain too boot. This was just what I needed, a wake-up call and water in the face to miserably hold my attention. Oh yes, are there real ghosts roaming Shorthorn country.
Thoughts of put top half Cushman’s plastic windshield down would have been sacrificing head on rain socking protection, but better open eyed road visibility. Oh sure the Cushman has lights relatively good enough to be seen and working well enough to be on the road over-driven(*); but, scarcely strong enough to see to far.
Arrival the other end finds Bro’ had already been out, found, and returned to her bovine tribe the mystery solved solution. I missed all the fun. I missed seeing it all. The offending living mass, was she up to voyeur shenanigans looking in neighbors windows frightening the be-cheeses out watching dogs? So I missed the roamed fantasy images cast shadows about the neighbor’s homes and their yards. I now may only assume whatever had been going on beyond the twilight zone had been simply vanquished.
(*)This asterisk could very well spell an expensive acquisition’s change-over away from the (so-called) tractor head lights (utility) into genuine automotive types. Through my research the closest I’ve found suitably sized and truly functional parts will most likely cost me an older Ford Tractor headlight-shell purchases to hold and aim my wanted late 1950’s replacement headlight bulbs.
It went this away:
Bro’ had figured it all out this morning, while I greased the MoCo. Then he’d said, “The cow out wandering around evening last, having likely walked out an open gate, and then night havin’ fallen wanted to go home. So she went next door to get PeeDee’s attention so he’d bark to wake up Chip. Chip in turn was then supposed to call and wake up Bro’. Opps, Chip never woke up. But, Bro' heard PeeDee for himself. So he get up, went out, and opened the gate so the cow could walk back in.” Once it was explained to me it was all very simple.
So why'd I get called?
Now back to our interrupted programming.
Today’s shop time I’d been seen working off’n’on three jobs all at once. I cleaned after the Ro-Co (rotary mower conditioner) to uncover the many zerk fittings for greasing hidden bearings. Tom showed me a couple tricks for undoing the PTO shafts safety shields for more hidden zerks. Spent time either putting together disc gangs together or taking them apart. I saw to it the tractor the Ro-Co is hooked onto was fully serviced. Made a missing part for the Ro-Co I’ll install next time I think of it. Left it out where it’ll be easily found.
It’s evening now, taken my medicine and waiting my hour. And, while poking at the letters to make this a read, I’m thinking I better get off my arse and hay the ladies a 1/4mi down the road. Then when I get back put the Cushman away. I may get as good and comfortable as I may. It’s my castle regardless how humble it may be.

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