Friday, May 13, 2011

5-12-2011 Sleep’s good

The night’s sleep was good. Only the wakey wakee was as rough waking up to a running nose crossing the finish line out front any other morning. I should be coming used to this phenomena. It happens every morning. Is it sinus? Is it an allergy? Is it hay fever, After some denial it may be just be any one or all of the above!
Outside the ladies all gathered together down by the barn are looking content including The one who looked down in the dumps evening last. Da weather wise we’ve had an overnight Camelot rain.
Continuing my quest to have my old Ugly truck behavingly running as good as I’d like it, I may have suck-seeded. Bro’ took the carburetor to a professional carburetor rebuilder last Wednesday (I think it was) that carburetor came home yesterday. On rebuilder’s instructions I replaced (put back on) a piece of vital throttle linkage. Putting the carburetor back on Ugly’s engine, started engine, engine runs fine. There was a whole bunch of troubles with the thing. Warped throttle plates, weak springs, I might have put it not only wrong I had over done the lightening it up awhile back. Now the word, I had better not tamper with it. All I know, its working and working well.
Backin’ up Ugly I busily spent my whole morning in part looking for a missin’ carburetor part. When found had to re-figure how to put it back on rebuilt carburetor. When readied I brought that carburetor home with me. Something else, I greased those disc parts I had missed greasing yesterday to finish that project.
What next I’ll do with my afternoon only time will tell.
Our coyote control volunteer come by about the time I had finished lunch. We talked about many an important matters. Then in-comeing cell phone call, Bro’ had a cow out. So our chit-chat was cut short and stopping down by the barn I was on the down road again.
There all the fences were near dead. Looking about the darling yearlings had run through a wire. Inside an adjacent lot I spied another parted hot wire. While the 1st one I could interrupt the field energy to it, the 2nd one didn’t boast that same feature, I had to shut the whole system down. Two fences fixed and two fences rolled up, the power back on, all was copasetic. Back here I was obliged to help catch a cow and calf. I suspect the cow is suffering a severe case of feverish mastitis. I could be her remaining days may just be number along with another two. Their sacrifice won’t be to hard to take. Farm land even during these difficult times is hard to hang onto. Corn and beans futures are going out of sight. There are some planters trying to get into a fast buck. Once they’ve all been burned, it’ll ba a fat chance land rents will ever come down?
I’ve no idea where the day went? By the time I got home I was an hour late for my rattlers and still had more outside to do. It’d be almost 8:00 PM before I got in. I’m near ready for supper given a wee bit of time to mellow out. By’n’by I had to make my own poison veinersnitchels on whole-wheat bread buried in some spice punishing chili (made with beans) sided with them gosh awful tator bought chips I thought were a bargain? Never again!
Fernan zzzzzzzz’s

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