Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day’s day

3:00Am snack, a can of peaches to comfort the tummy and I was back to sleep until almost 8:00AM. Then sorted my rattlers and sat right here forgetting to take them. Great start. Awake only thirty minutes and I’ve already started a screwed up day. Contrary to all the wet and gloom of the night’s rain. The sun’s shinning is a welcome sight to behold. We’ve had heavy cloud cover hovering over our heads for more days than I can remember the number. However the mud should be well stirred enough to make it some miserable slogging around bringing up ladies rears.
Had one local tornado doing little open country rural damage here plus plenty of wind bringing down a number of trees and power lines.
Heard an interesting question put to me yesterday, “What are we going to do for firewood this year?” Well, one thing’s sure If I’ve got to cut it all it’ll be if I have to falling one tree at a time. This would be a pace I can manage to keep up with. Thus far I haven’t found anyone to help me cut up last Fall’s windfalls. I trust worthy loader operator would be a big help. If I could just get one guy’s ass off his morning’s butt? That’d be a big help and at this stage of the game not a whole lot to ask!
This written! Let me see what happens?!
Seen to cow in sick bay. Then headed for shop there I successfully took the spindle apart salvaging one bearing and cup pair. Using the part numbers on those one new set will be ordered come morning. If were lucky parts will be her by 1:00PM. Meanwhile, I sharpened and balance the mower deck blades, and made a new bolt for the one I destroyed removing one of the three blades. I’m ready to put it all back together. Hmmm, Just realized it’d be a good time to tighten the machines multi-use brake while its easy to get under the tractor without the deck in the way. Before I’m all done the whole machine will be greased and oiled. I ought to work like new when finished.
Shucks, I wasn’t invited to participate in the round-ups here or the other end. Bro’ is being careful what strains I put myself to. I did tinker with new mowing machine on the small Ford’s three point hitch. Using a tall implement jack I managed to re-thread the tractors right side rocking shaft’s adjustable third point link. Whew, I’ve got that implement riding level on the Ford now.
So, it weren’t such a bad day after all. I had some accomplishments and some disappointments. One disappointment came along with all the rain we’ve recently continually gotten. Even walking the pastures or hay fields are so wet its like walking on loaded sponges each step squeezing the earth out its water to rise and envelope my shoes. The poor Cushman was handicapped unable to do a swimmer’s Australian crawl to get around. Without any help what so ever I got ¼ ton truck stuck several times. The engine rebuilt with 4 extra horses I had managed to rock it out of trouble all buy one time. Then it was a long walk up to the farmyard for a tractor of some substance to retrieve the caught Cushman from it muddy entrapment.
Soapbox thoughts and questions?
I do believe in my saying political campaigning’s has become big business. Any current election ending with counting the votes in a ballot box is actually only the beginning of the next campaign for the next election. It all starts with vague announcements somebody is about to run for some political office and the first thing which is planned and required carrying out is in the process of razing campaign funds. Just what are these campaign funds used for? I first see organization. Somebody has to be a leader (a secretary) to see to it all the planning is carried out. A campaign manager has to be employed, so wages are involved for a manager and secretary. A book keeper is the next logical employee also requiring a living wage o subsist his family and household on. And, this is as the campaign begins to grow. Okay we’ve got the beginnings of a campaign’s management and labors opening expenses.

It follows money has to come from somewhere to pay these wages so we have to have a series of fund raising events. More help is needed. Here our candidate seeking volunteers induces number’s of bodies to volunteer to phone campaign for the chance at all the job promises made for helping him elected to office. These small rewards can go a long way in enlisting more and more people to print and distribute signs (printer employment involvement), what else?
Our candidate likely needs to get around. So more money’s required for planes, trains, and automobiles. The cars dependably required more moneys’ need for trouble free new cars. Cars, Limousines for enough space for on the go conference meetings. Oh oh, a publicist is required to inform the public were the candidate may be seen for hopeful gatherings around him. Needing more money our candidate must trough even higher priced ticketed banquet plates at ridiculous prices. Prices higher than my poverty income where as no comparison may be logically made. How about those talkative telephone campaigners phones, more money’s required to pay the telephone bills. Then, there’s the ever widening influences good advertising (yeah right, back stabbing, and lies) will buy on radio, TV, news papers and hand bills. So you the reader can see this campaigning for public office can likely run into the hundreds, thousands, and millions even if the office is high enough. I ask you, what becomes of any contributed left over funds. Where’s that money go? Any ideas?

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