Monday, May 16, 2011

Funny Sun’s shinen

For our last night’s supper I built a pizza, I baked an apple pie. The kitchen had not only smelled good the afternoon its use had also helped warm the house. Eating was good, life was good.
During the night I threw a bit of kindling on the fire I had started over some 24 hours ago. The cowls so minimal I more than half expected the fire to go completely out. In-stead it had revived and burned for hours. The fire’s rebirth had not only kept us but also made the house toasty warm. And, on rising its surely nice seeing something livelier than gray, darken, gloomy skies hanging and dripping over our heads. The new scene brings a smile to me lips, the teeth though they sit in a prominent throne room cup.
I worked on Ugly truck without ant success of accomplishing anything. I continued on in a mind blanking dark through lunch, then went out to feed the animals. By time I got back to lunch I crawled under Ugly’s frame again making twist the drive-shaft finding right hub free and left one locked up. I freed the left one and found it to spin freely that a-way. Ah ha, the right hand Spicer shifting in’n’out 4x4 lock out isn’t working at all. To late in day my not wanting to tackle it as late it’d gotten I’ll attack it come morning, when I’m fresher as liking a daisy.
These activities pretty much made up my day. This evening I started washing dishes wondering how much longer the old girl is going to keep this sitting on her butt up? Lawd knows I’ve got to keep moving. I don’t see her getting any better lazing around. We’ve already had some pretty days and she hasn’t taken a single step a one of them. Bottom line, I’m enjoying myself looking back at my daily accomplishments. Jobs well done.
PS: No long writings tonight. I've assigned myself to KP Duty. (sob) Bah!!!

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Paula said...

Oh now don't ya think Frieda is just trying to see you get plenty of exercise to stay healthy?