Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Should-a mined my English…

…..lessons and read and used the dictionary more. I just found another definition for the word engagement: meeting the enemy.
Called out soon enough to assist Bro’ loading out his Polaris Ranger to take it in for dealer repair.
My word, I swear he’s had more problems with his new Polaris than I’ve had with my 1972(?) Cushman truckster. Of-course his is an almost all weather 6x6 ATV, and my Truckster is merely a fair weather ATV. But on the other hand my vehicle is more useful making fix the fences around all these fields. And it does do a good job scurrying over the neighborhood open roads weather permitting. Then there’s putting the windshield down enjoying the motored breezes in the face and lose hairs bellowing blowing around my face.
In trying to keep Her Mostess happy she wanted to have her hair done. Sounded alright to me. I needed one also. So, I figured I might be able to negotiate a 2-fur (a discount for 2 hair cuts). Didn’t work but the negotiations were so much fun I gave the gal who clipped us a modest tip. (grin)
Backing the Ugly truck up No openings at the hair dressers I got to take, What’s Her Name, out for lunch again to supposedly save gas. After lunch, what was to fattening large I drove us over to the local Kersley Damn boat lunch ramp to enjoy looking at the water. Sheesh! I live and pay taxes in this county and I was expected to pay for the privilege to park to look at the same water that flows out of our Duck Pond into that man made lake. Duh, heck with them, off to one side the Crossroads bridge going over that same water I buggied down through a two track and parked on an old abandoned county boat ramp and enjoyed watching some crazies and wildlife water fowl until our hair cutting appointed time.
Getting home I loaded up all the lawn trimmers to see if I could get them to run. The easiest one of the lot likely 25=30 years old knew no better and ran beautifully on a cleaned sparkplug and fresh gasoline. The other two the rewinder needing attention I took apart. A 3rd machine (same as the second) I finally got spark but no gas. I may play with it tomorrow. This last machine a garage sale bargains for parts I’m sure it’ll run when I get it right.
Was a beautiful drying day for our fields our airs filled with sunshine and gentle breezes. It’ll be my luck I get rained on before this seasons haying start again? Well I can hope and busy myself fixing big boys toys.

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Paula said...

Bet you're both looking great after the hair appointment. I have a new perm and I'm curly all over.