Monday, May 30, 2011

5-29-2011 Sunday Moral Day weekend

Been busy and forgone writing a single word yesterday. A quick note to cover it was up’n’out early, In’n’a-sleeping just in time so’s I didn’t find the sandman on the front step. That could have been embarrassing, if somebody had seen me, let alone, it’d been bad enough my waking up at first light to come in with a wet derriere.
Highlights of the day I lent my Crapsman lawn tractor to Juan to cut his yard and he run it until the primary jack shaft with mounted pulleys was froze up bigger than Klondike Jack’s winter watering hole. That was a discouraging oops. Today I found I didn’t know it had a grease fitting on it. Seems no new parts are available. A typical cheap Sears’n’Sawbuck trick to sell to the poor unsuspecting soul another planned throw-away machine. Last plan thought on, we’ll press the old cutter blade’s spindle out of the bearings. Have nothing to loose at this point. Once the parts are divided perhaps we’ll find a couple new aftermarket bearings to press back in.
First shot out the door Picked up four two bushel sized tubs Juan’s fresh mowen lawn grass for the lady in sick bay. Loaded up lawn tractor for shop repairs. Along the way saw a couple yearling heifers out. Found Keith handy and we put them back in, locked them in yard behind barn. I continued on to shop. Hung up the Crapsman tractor removed deck and commenced to take it apart. Found primary spindle shaft assembly solidly frozen. Bearings shot. Was lunch time about time Bro’ comes around with an early high-noon start for the day. I had to go for two reasons. Fencing tools at home and more importantly I was hungry. While I was gone Bro’ took most of the decks center shaft assembly apart, all but the last two bearings. Getting back I was delighted.
Afternoon found us working fences. New top wires in half the replaced insulators, a couple additional wires, and an discontinued wire wound up for use another day. Almost quiting time for the day. Weather threatening, I locked up and headed for home. Picked up more loose lawn grass for sick-bay lady on my way home. Fed her and took eight empty tubs back to Juan for more loose lawn grass pickups tomorrow.
It’s about here inside having made and devoured a home made pizza before a loss of power. That was just a short time ago I’m getting sleepy and shutting this down. It’s something like I have got to lay it down before I fall down. I’ll post this another day…..

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