Monday, May 2, 2011

She’s home

Finally, I’ve what’s her name home after an eight day hiatus. When it was said our union wouldn’t last sex months some going on 53 yrs ago, them sex months may just be coming up. Della the cat ain’t talking to her having been feeling as though she had also abandoned her. I can’t blame her much. I’ve felt that way these same eight days and then Her Mostess not talking to me since yesterday’s noon.
When the call came though she was ready to come home, Ugly decided not to start right at that moment. The harder I tried it the more stubborn the mechanical beast misbehaved. Blessing Annie’s heart, one phone call on my part she was right down to the shop to drive me and bring us home. There the cussed Hostell didn’t have the paper work finished, as usual, making all three of us sit around, our cooling our heels.
Now that she’s home I’ve got to run after filling her new prescriptions. I had forgotten to stop on way home. So, Ugly’s solenoid giving me fits I need a new one anyway. This’ll make my running into Otisville a little easier to take. Drugstore for meds and milk, grocery store for a couple pizza kits and discounted pies, and parts store for new starter solenoid.
I’d appreciate it if you’ll watch out for me. I’ll be driving the Cushman. Engine renewed it’s a pure pleasure to drive these warming days.
Oh nuts, I guess, there’s no point my staying mad at her, she’ll be forgiving me anyway. Then it’ll be what about those six months? I don’t see any way out of it. She’s likely hidden the marriage license right under me nose And during our courtships negotiations I had forgotten all about an out clause.
A late 4:00PM lunch it’s now 7:00PM and not particularly hungry. Asking, neither is Frieda. Thinking maybe some honey covered toast for a later evening snack to hold us over night. Having to relax some, it has been a long day. It may even be longer tomorrow. Ugly needs fixing be for the unsolicited need my grinding a new load of feed grain.

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Paula said...

Welcome home Frieda, hope you're feeling good now. Take care and keep Fernan hopping.