Friday, May 6, 2011

I want to kick……

….one certain Della cat’s arse what obviously has no grasp upon her employed duties around here. (grrrr) Goes something like this… Four days ago Frieda saw a mouse run under the kitchen sink area. Della watched the varmint run by, go by, and duck out of sight and did absolutely nothing about it including even flexing a curiosity’s muscle. Frieda shocked! What kind of a cat is this? Never saw a mouse before.
Ever since then Della has taken up a guarded position upon a small chair I’ve had sitting in the kitchen to help me with kitchen chores. I don’t know? Della cat’s mouser instinct must be DNA messed up? Della has no idea a mouse is a promising good or even rare cat eating delicacy?
Latest talk within this house revolves around our talking Sweetheart cat into the house to rid our frustrated home of this miniature menacing vermin monster? Sweetheart is a dedicated vermin huntress…… More news at a-lemon.
Have got a brand new calf born to us this AM. I haven’t checked it out although I was concerned for its welfare for a few moments. I almost had an unappetizing opportunity to apply some throat clearing, artificial respiration and closed heart massage. Gladly the critter had started coming around before O got half way to it. Mother cow was doing a grand job tending to her newborn calf and within minutes that baby was trying to get up. (smiles)
I greased and oiled my new mower. Had it running for a few moments. It seems to be working although I can’t guarantee just how yet. The three point needing some serious attention, the rest of the machine will also see a good going over before pressed into service.
4020JD is hand fueled for a few more days before I must do-it allover again. (frown)
Now, then I’, not sure what all else I got into today. One thing the new mowing machine is in the shop for repairs. And, because I can’t handily use it today or tomorrow it was remembered we’ve got the old New Holland green chopper. I serviced it, aired the tires, grease and oiled it, limbering it up I hooked to the Ford and eventually brought it home for mowing down those (woody) pesky weeds covering the middle of the east pasture in that very area we‘d planted perennial rye grass a year ago that hadn‘t grown. (bummer) That done I may let the ladies in to graze the grass off it. With those weeds gone I may clearly see over the entire pasture scene with no place for calves to innocently become lost in.
On the firewood scene, I brought in a few more pieces wood just in case we should need a fire and then finished emptying the wood hauler to one side the front yard. It be that Spring-time I start loading it up for a scrap-yard run. Plus I had done a bad job of it welding the parking jack anchorage onto the trailer’s tongue.
Now what? Or is it what have I done to deserve this late afternoon mean trick for my tea break. At about that time it was nearing the hour for my rattler takings. So sitting down to chill out for a few minutes I got these gosh awful restless leg shacks. Darn, they hurt coming and going at uneven intervals. One thing they did for me they got me off my duff and in motion. I wanted to go back outside and mow the east pasture anyway before settling in for the evening.
Lastly, Frieda had made another drop cake. Me thinks she’d baked it to long My thinking including a nap. A glass of milk is a definite sipped addition to soften the crustiest part of the dessert. I’m telling her how good it is so’s I don’t have to make’n’bake the next one.


Paula said...

I made one of your drop cakes, my dump cake. They are better the next day don't you think? About the cat--I think modern cats are spoiled and don't do the mouse and bird thingy any longer. lol

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Fern, glad the calf is doing good. You must be busy with all the new calves and their Mommas. I should go over to the farm a couple roads over and inspect the new calves there. He breeds Angus primarily. He also has a couple Jersey cows and sells the milk. Also fresh eggs can be purchased.