Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

This was my Mom’s luckiest day of the year. I’ve written this story before, and not to long ago. So there’s no use chewing on that good listening for awhile.
Morning’s duties I rounded up a cow for Bro’s treatment inside and out. A half a bottle the-cillines in her neck and four (big enough to choke a horse) good sized pultices in her uterus.
Her calf is supplementedly fed two quarts milk twice a day now. Only two days, when that calf sees the bottle coming so is he. Mama just hasn’t got it. Perhaps treatment will change her ability to feed her calf. We’ll see?
Early afternoon had me “outstanding in my fields” winding wires; three short wires by hand in close, one lengthy wire with machine way out back (along side duck lake). Not quite half done my intended rounds thirst over took me and coming in I put away almost two quarts to bring my fluids back up to about eye level.
Late afternoon’s return to my fields I set two lines of posts and run two lines wires ignoring my rattler taking time. While I couldn’t finish the whole project I wanted a clean end to that part of it I was working on. Tomorrow I’m expected to grind grain. After that I expect to turn to finishing my in close purely pasturing field fences.
This evening, rattlers downed I went back outside, BS-ed some with my neighbor, climbed aboard the Ford and with an average four passes around the house I mowed the larger areas in ten minutes or less with my new (to me) mowing machine.
It turned out be a great day in-spite all the gloomy weather forecasts the guessers had hung over all our heads.

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