Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A mixed bag day

It has been a mixed bag day. I started out on the road for elevator supplements and picking up empty ground grain wagon. All my needs in place we were blessed with waiting for the vet. Yeah sure, he was going to be here at 10:00, then called he was running late. Wonderful. By the time he got here I could have had my grind done before noon with plenty of time for other projects. The Krapsman lawn tractor was merely waiting for the bearings known to be in the neighborhood, only not yet here. Shortly before lunch I ground grain so’s I wouldn’t be doing it on a fed stomach. A tea break later I delivered the ground grain a-riding the WD45 with the AC rake in tow I took it to the shop. Backed up on the shop apron I (we) looked it over. There’s plenty of wrenching ahead. Yup the center part of the machine had spread looking like to me a key had managed to fall out. Perhaps if the wear is to much I may find some spare parts from the original donor hay rake I used to assemble this hi-bred. It’ll be fun taking it apart and reassembling it for another dozen or two years. The tractor a 1957 model, the rake is that old or older. Still have plenty to do tomorrow. Along with these two projects I must be bringing out one of the hay balers on an Oliver I must check the gear cases for water. I’m hoping drawing any water that may be present goes easily. The trick’ll be opening the drain plugs without loosing them as well as the heavy oil behind them. Why must there have been two drain plugs? When I’ve finished I’m hoping I’m not handled slick!
PS: For such an involved day I do believe I may be bordering on slightly exhausted. Good Night

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Paula said...

You make me think of my deceased husband Mel. Fixing something was always such a challenge to him. If it was something someone else couldn't figure out then it was even more a challenge.