Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day morning

Good Morning report….
About 3:00 AM, maybe I can catch-up these urinal entries. Was some sort of a weather evening last. Youngest son called warning us to keep our heads down strong storm fronts, shear winds and tornados headed our way. In-spite the few moments the sun I saw just about sun down we’ve practically been covered in rain ever since. It’s going to be a fun day today, slogging through mud refreshened, rounding up a few ladies for pregnancy checks, the vet’s coming tomorrow, oops, today!
Now, where all I’ve written I correct I little now. I can’t keep up these busy passes like I used to My mind and body have slowly and sneakily gotten out of these sorts of living in the fast lane adventures. Whew! Regardless how quickly I may feel I’ve readily recovered for another day, I’m not so sure I’m totally ready for todays relaxing go-go escapades.
If not for tomorrow maybe for Wednesday I’ve found some very interesting bearing part numbers for the mower deck’s needs. Perhaps we’ll figure out the seals from these bearing in’n’outside dimensions‘. Of-course there’s always the hard measurements done all the parts once when we’ve fully taken the spindle apart.
Right now, I’m not looking forward to the sure fired wet butt I could very likely be getting more than once today.
Most importantly: Mustn't for get honoring all those who have given their all protecting our freedoms. Looks like another busy day our growing that what helps feed all.

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Paula said...

Looks like Memorial Day will be a busy one for you as usual. Yes we need to remember all the men and women who have and continue to serve our country. Have a good 'un Fernan and Frieda.