Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another New day

Was supposed to have been nice yesterday; so, it rained.
I was surprise given another glorious opportunity to grind grain again. That chore started out with the greatest of ease. Taking my chances I drove Truckster to shop exchanging it for Ugly skipping the need to replace the needed starter part. Ugly started just fine and we were off and on our way. Picked up empty feed wagon, stopped by elevator for supplements, then stalled less than half way home. Theoretically ran out of gas. Pouring gas in tank, priming carb, some under my breath cussing, replacing the carb, etc., etc for an hour I finally got the I’ll running Ugly home, switching fuel tank along the way. Ugly ran good enough to deliver reloaded feed wagon and returned home. During my enjoying all the fun I was having during such a forecasted beautiful day I had gotten rained on wet arsed. I had golden opportunity gotten myself a whole bunch of mechanicin’ to do over again on Ugly truck. I had to fit all that into today’s fun filled Shorthorn country exercises.
And while I was at this morning’s writings, my nose was hard running, obviously draining out all the rain my being had absorbed my playing in the weathering elements yesterday. And to make it look good my sinus senses had me-being compulsively throwing wild nose paining‘s well orchestrated drippings going, from the deep head earth shaking sneezings, Plus irritable eye itching, and lastly a desire to stay in and research various sore throat remedies. Let’s see. How many ways are there to mix Rum? Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be nice again today. More later…….
…….much later:
Lunch over, Ugly made it only out of the driveway, and there stalled. BALDERDASH!!! Yesterday couldn’t get gasoline out of the carb to drive it home. Now, I can’t slow the gasoline down flooding the goofy thing drowning the engine out.
While trying start Ugly, took a couple time outs, one of them bringing home my latest acquisition. A Ford flail mower. Some grease and oil may be I can give it a try. Owner thinks here may be a bearing out somewhere in it. Figures! So, what else don’t need fixing around here? Several times already!
To keep up the pace I brought out the Truckster and drove it down the road. Planning on working on R-C-mowing machine it had been moved away. To heck with it may be I’ll work on it tomorrow. Helped assist some disc dis-assembly. What a monstrous cost. What are we going to do? After some discussion a rebuilt carb has been ordered for the busted Ugly truck. That part and the disc parts expected here next Monday. Perhaps I can sneak in the new mower and see some use out of it.
Next adventure may see Frieda Cushman round robbined transported Doc’s office. Might be if the weather holds, (yeah sure), I may find a smidgen of time to fix Dumpy truck brake line. Little drier than it has been for months I just may get down under on the dirt and see what I can do with it. This raises another question, dare I use a little heat on the fittings. Not red heat just warming metal expanding heat on the fittings?
Gambling big time, I’m trying to thaw out the freezer over the next as the fewest hours as the process will muster. Got to! Frost growing so darn thick under the lid’s edges, can’t close it tight anymore. Suppose I ought-a save it for mixed summer drinks.
……later even:
In late for doing nothing, least-wise that’s what today has felt like. Pills after 6:00PM it was seven before I eat. Between waits and etc. I started defrosting freezer filling 4 ½ two bushel tubs. Set a milk house heater down in freezer to thaw frost and ice. Ate my supper and checked freezer progress. Scooped or picked up slabs of ice and threw them close to sump-pump. Checking progress twice more the last time finished scooping out the last of the fallen ice. Wiped down interior, towel drying, and put the food back in. Unbelieving and amazed the defrosting went so clean and easily I finished just in time for bed.
One side note, maybe two, finding a couple oooooold ½ gallon packs ice-cream; one I gave to the cats the other I dipped me out some cherry fudge royal, added a dash of cherry juice, splashed in some ginger-ail. Got tell it like it was/is chewy; but, taste. The other thing I threw away about a whole bushel full of organ meats neither on of us can healthily eat with our taken heart medications. This was my day.

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You've been a busy little beaver.