Saturday, May 7, 2011

5-7-2011 Will I ever…..

….get caught up. First thing out of the house, it all running together, I was going to pay for my new mower. Guess that’ll be next week end. Tom moseying around he finds a calf lost outside the hot wire. Mother was behind barn. By time I got to calf Tom and I had to escort critter’s direction and movement. Mother had moved onto opened east pasture. The three of us covered a lot of ground before caw got her act together. When she had finally caught on, here she come her bags just a swinging, her mouth wide open either bellowing, and calf cooing. I wasn’t sure whether she was cussing Tom and I, greeting her calf, about to take us out, or thanking us. Cows, females, they’ll be the death of up standing males yet. Under calf’s insistence I had to fix fence after it. As if I hadn’t already more to do than I had planned to do all day?
The meats I had sorted out of freezer a couple evenings back had to be disposed of. I took them out to the NW pet cemetery for that disposal. And all because all the packages weren’t labeled I threw away probably a good eight pounds steak, chicken fresh fish. Darn it, I can read labels, I can’t read through frosted mystery wrapping’s. While I had tended to the garbage I had also emptied my ash buckets for next season’s use. Have taken mental notes, Cushman and I must cut some fallen firewood plus move off the fields some fallen tree limbs. Why Cushman? Because its easier stepping off and onto than tractor. For doing the picking up the incidentals.
Done here to soon for lunch. So I moved lunch up and devoured a couple buned dogs buried under chili. I liked. Then hit road with Cushman for stop by elevator for selenium.
At shop I assembled one gang of discs, took two others apart. Bro’ and Tom taking turns revitalizing my newly purchased mower I stayed out of it. About the time they had it together and I had done all I was going to do with disc. I headed for home to exchange Cushman for tractor. Green-chopper on Ford I was done with it. Time to re-park it. The chopper off it was time to put the new to me mower on tractor to move it out of its way in the shop. Most the afternoon went well until the top lik refused to adjust. Ho boy, this turned into an hour’s wrestling match me against some mechanical pieces rusted one unmovable mass. Bro’ joining me we had finally gotten the parts a part using heavy implement for a grounded anchor, a pipe wrench assisted with a torque converter (a chunk-a-pipe), some impromptu employed hammers and rods for assisting adjustment wrenches. When everything had been parted leaned, I greased all related surfaces before reassembly. The top link shall work well for awile now my not knowing for how long?
By gum the house warm enough throughout as well as through and through. Tonight’s the night for a Spring shower of my own making. Lookout frogs I‘m wading in. Lily pads move over if yas don‘t want me stepping all over yas……

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