Saturday, May 14, 2011

Almost wish it’d rain….

…..not that it’d help much. Something obviously has gone wrong in my mind, something has got to give I feel as though I need a day off just to take care of some bordering on domestic matters. I desperately need to do some grocery shopping first. Secondly I need to pick up a part to solve a Cushman transmission leak and some ultra slipper stuff to lube Ugly’s lock in/out hubs.
Opps, I forgot to mention some of the interesting little of nature’s tidbits covering nature’s passing parades yesterday.
My tending to fencings out towards the Duck Pond I was thoroughly honked at by a pair of low flying water fowl. I imagined they were cussing me out for my bothering their sanctity. Bull Shyit, I was here first, guaranteed likely I was here before either on of them were born. Boy, would I have liked to give them a Goose. (hehe) A bit later a big dumb arsed doe came charging out of the cattails ahead of my drive around the field’s border flagging me the entire time she loped out of my sight. She wants to be all that fussy who she don’t wants to keep company with, I’ll fix her first delivering her a defining dinner invitation with a bang come this Fall.
Seeing an expired red winged blackbird laying off on the side of the farmyard driveway reminds me of the dummies of the same species nesting in the very fields I’ll likely be haying in three/four weeks from now. They keep up these nesting habits they’ll continue to make themselves extinct.
Rubber mulch from recycled tires is being pushed in TV advertising and thoughtless home improvement shows.
To read more about this disheveling treatment of our earth and lands, I see it as an industrialized way of getting rid of hazardous waste without so much as a stewards concern to protect and take care of the land we all live off of. Outrageous, read more about it here
And what about all he fine wires also ground into unsuspecting slivers for our children-grandchildren may drive into under their tender shins to fester, poison and infect these younger growing bodies.
Where are our leader’s heads to allow such a travesty to befall our present society. And when the damage has had the time to become a cast problem over the land, who’ll pay for the clean up. It wont be the industry who’d sold the dummies upon its use. If this product is so damned good, show me how to plant flowers in my Ugly trucks rolling rubber tires to assist in beautifying America.
It’s a great rainy day in Shorthorn country. Weather reports we’ve had two to three inches rain over our area. Have had thoughts going down the barnyard creek for some sucker fishing. Nothing’s swimming up stream in this creek but that doesn’t mean it’s be without its resident sucker fisherman, me.
Fields almost about dry enough to get on, I (we) get to wait on them all over again for the minor lakes to dehydrate all over again. Fun, fun, fun, seeing as how I never got on a single snow slop all winter maybe I could take this opportunity to go water skiing.
Went shopping this AM making four stops. 1st as cheap as I am, it was Save-A-Lot for what groceries I could lift there. What to my wondering eyes did I see but a whole stack of full flats of canned apricots. Yum, yum, yum. I loaded up on two of them. Thinking about them, now that I am home, I should have gotten more.
2nd stop I picked up Cushman part and Ugly lube. Now if they were in the shop I could make like fixing them. Moving on to 3rd stop I picked up what I couldn’t buy at the 1st stop. From here on to the 4th stop my travel’s got sticky. Putting my hand up to my hat my hand landed on sunglasses. Oh Crap, out on the road by this time I discovered I hadn’t paid for them. Shucks, next time I go in I had better take the price tag (sticker or whatever its called) with me and make them an honest purchase. Meanwhile, parked at the hardware store I wanted and purchased some sort of a heavy finish varnish sealer ti cover a bed’s head and foot boards. Added some implements pins and left for empty feed wagon and elevator swing-by. I’m supposed to grind. I’m feared to for as hard it is raining the feed ground getting wet could mold… It was what to do?
Along about 1:00 PM the rain lightened some. I turned out, set up machinery for the grind, and picked up afterward. All equipment was put away with all secured under cover at about quarter after 2:00 PM. Then and only then the low pressure system hanging over our heads had finally told me my arthritis hadn’t exactly been cheering me on. Sure, I’ve plenty to do, only it be time for a small amount of R & R some of it gladly refreshed with a cool beer.

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Paula said...

Had to giggle at the ducks honking at you.