Friday, May 27, 2011

now ain’t this just…. ....(a day late!)....

….ducky weather. Between the rain and the cable service has quit us. It includes the TV, Internet, plus the phone in a package deal. The service is working so well completely dead the phone isn’t working either so that I can’t report the other two failures. (grrrr) Now in where as my options are ever becoming more restricted, I am becoming ticked off (cleaned that up for women and little children looking in). Add to this when I came in tonight I immediately forgot to take my rattlers and I want to eat now; only, the clock has seemed to automatically go into slow-motion just because I’m famished. I finally took my pills, I’ve washed up, checked my laundry, and cussed out the cable company. Then called them on my cell phone furnished by a competitor!
Lets see, what are my options. I could get myself ultra comfortable (get ride of shoes, bibs, down to my black boxers. I just happened to grab them out of an after shower drawer. I’m not in mourning. Putor still comes up and working for private stuff. Hmmm? I can still write, but about what? An animal story, something about one of the kids, err ouh about something naughty and spicy about my children’s mother? Oh the possibilities are endless. Only, my mind has gone blank. A natural phenomena these later aged days. (LMHO)
Wouldn’t somebody know it. I’ve got a couple machines taken apart in the shop and I wanted to research them on the I-net this evening. Locat needed parts numbers and a dealer where available. (grumble, grumble, growl, growl) I’d point a raspberry at these screens if I weren’t the one who’d have to clean them.

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Paula said...

Laughing @ your black boxers. I would have guessed red with white hearts for Frieda.