Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tease, teaser

Up and at’em before sunrise I saw the Sun come up. The morning wasn’t half gone when the shy sun draped a cloud over its face, and continued ever darkening cloud covering our existence.
Even before thinking dressing I hard a bossy sound just outside Frieda‘s window. Running to the windows throwing back the drapes I saw nothing. Even so, I knew I had heard what I heard. Out the door barefoot my night shirt liking to try sailing the grasses wet my stepping was lively rounding the second corner the house I could see her around. Yup, I was right and lucky it were only one of them. It was back into the house for my tux and boots. The first dash a bit dash I wasn’t about to take a whole loy of that draft. ‘Sides I wasn’t gonna wade the barnyard creek barefoot. She’s cooperative enough to go right back where we both knew she belonged trying a couple hesitations as if I didn’t mean her. Yeah, right. I meant her all the way from my booted naked feet to the top of my reservation hat covered head. In between there were some cold zipper backsides coming in some body chilling contacts inside my tux encouraging my hurrying her along to get myself in this intrusive condition back inside the house. Well anyway anyone passing would never had guessed my ill logical discomforts.
Having a ride neighbor took me shopping as long as he was going anyway. Getting Back Tom helped me put a lockable gang box inside the barn. Going to use it for looking up my hand tools. Fed critters and settled in for lunch. Then have to woik on Ugly’s nonworking hub, More later….
……much later same day, today:
Hot damn, I’ve finally gotten that Ugly truck’s right front 4x4 in’n’out hub working correctly. What more I’ve no idea what was wrong with it. What I did do was put enough slip’n’slide lithium grease on all the parts I had one Hell of a time putting all back together. I must have made at least a dozen attempts at assembling the loose parts all other in one swell swoop into the axle hub housing. But by the hairs on my chiny chin-chin the Ugly truck’s four wheel drive is again in working mode. All Ugly’s tires had also gotten some attention my topping off their pressures with fresh Spring airings. One thing sure that rough riding hulk surely has more bounce to the ounce giving my liver a whale of good shaking the two miles I drove it home. It could be I’m slowing down my driving even more saving me from bouncing off the road via hitting a loose road pebble just might be my wrong luck sending.

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