Friday, March 25, 2011

A welcome day

The morning shadows long nto the west covering all of thw western pasture, a moment or two later the big red sun dressed in a yellow-orange was a welcome sight clearing the eastern tree line but just a couple degrees north of do east. I was warmed by it’s presence even before I stepped out or door into the elove freezing truth. My walk down to the barn was an extra crispy sound beneath my feet. What snow’s didn’t cover heavy amounts of frost made seen colors look like lace scattered over the standing machines and tractors around the yards. I bright brisk morning the cats fed, the ladies slow clearing their plates, my replacing one, then relocating both hay bale feeders until much later into the day.
Back up to the house I commenced to carry fire wood into the house. There was no worries about over heating ones self this morning, my even dressed in one my barnyard tuxedo’s.
My morning’s plan included portering in enough fire wood it’d look like I been busy. When I had toted enough would be time enough to take a break moseying myself on down the road. It might take me 30 to 45 minutes to walk to the shop but it be better than waiting three hours fo an instant ride around here. Besides a neighbor may take pity upon me and give me a ride? Well, that was the plan. With the all inclusive hop I drive Ugly home.
Not yet noon, I’ve been foiled gain. Backache or no backache, it were towards the last, every step I had taken towards the front of the wood-hauler it seemed that conveyance had given up more of its load with every step that trailer had allowed my to step closer to its front. Even when I felt like taking a breather, a longer breather, I saw buy few more piecs to pick up. With that resolve I had emptied that vessel it’s contents into the house. Only forty-five minute before the legal noon hour, I bided my time to perhaps eat an early lunch before I were to set out on shanks-mare in my most immediate and continued quest to once more enjoy the traveling company my Ugly truck.
Halleluiah! The shop well air out after the gasoline spill day before yesterday, I finished my exhaust pipe repair. Re connected fuel pump hoses. Turned on key for nothing. I had to make a couple electrical adjustments, poured some gas down the carb, turned the engine over and walla Ugly’s running once more. It’s been something like eight months broken down. Called my country auto parts merchant, he’s ordering in everything needed kit to rebuild Ugly’s front axels and hubs. The idea is when I start the repair I’ll have anything I’ll need on hand without having to go after it. If I should run into a snag, he’ll deliver whatever I need. Whatever I don’t use I may return later. Now, this is a parts supplier!

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Paula said...

Sounds like you have the best parts supplier to be found.