Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey, More Snow

Seems Winter’s not through with us yet. I’m used to these weather changes. No getting away from them as I’ve often seen snow in April. Hence, “April fools?”
Turning TV on seems this old Earth is kicking ass with an earthquake and a tsunami in the Pacific rim. Watching those TV pictures, the lives devastation, property damage, and clean up is all so unimaginable. It’ll all take time for these lives to get back to order… I feel for every one of them.
I’ve lost my touch. Her Mostess complaining she’s cold. I just can’t seem to compete with a stiff north wind holding it to her tighter than I can beat a heat out of the wood-stove.
Shoveling and sweeping the deck and trailers tailgate off got to several pieces of chunks of cherry wood. Some those pieces thrown into the wood burner, we’ve got heat now.
Hokem smokems! The county has plowed our road. My word, is this the county throwing all financial coffer cautions to the winds cleaning off a 4th class road.
There comes a time in every man’s life he’s dumb lucky his soul has been saved by an innocent act dating back to his youth. For me it was only as far back as the weeks I had met this potential bride and had saved for who knows what reason? It happens Her Mostess decided to clean out my top dresser drawer for placing there in my new personal undergarments: where in she come across a Birthday card she had given me for my birthday at that time we had only started to do our courting dance wordings. So tickled I had saved that card had indicated to her my feelings for her way back before the admitted truths, which I still deny to this day. I was but a babe back then(grin) Sooo, I am back in her good graces again. By sheer unadulterated luck.
Meanwhile, while carrying firewood into the house, I’d seen Terry going home and walked over there and gave him some cash to pick up Frieda’s prescriptions tomorrow. This is working out well he must pick his up also.
My back getting sore my only carrying in over half the trailer load of firewood I cut my painful loses. I’ll finish the firewood toting tomorrow.
Supper was beans and franks wit cottage cheese and green’n’ripe olives. Had popcorn for a different evening’s dessert treat.

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