Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Neighbor’s Okay

A good friend has had her knee operated on doing as well as may be expected. Her pain management next hurdle. I’m wishing her well! It remains a mystery as to how high she'll be kicking some asses when she's given free rein?
Story time:
As we’re talking knees:
Many years ago, before Sneaky Pete (3 or 4 yrs old) was to go to school, Frieda taking her brood shopping, the center of town only about three blocks from home, they all walked. In the first block Sneak tripping on sidewalk crack fell down. Getting up Mom asked Sneak, “Are you alright?” “Uh ugh.” was his answer so they continued on. Shopping taken care of, returning home, Mom gets a good look at Sneaks knees, and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me you had hurt your knees?” Sneak answered, “You would not let me go.”
I don’t know, seems there are times as parents we can win for loosing.
Backing the walk up, after al the shopping had been done with one exception Frieda had run out of money enough for one last article of clothing for Sneak. Frieda beside herself as to what shall I do? The older children needed those purchases up to that moment for next day’s school. Turning to the proprietor she’s says, “May I put this suit in lay-away until tomorrow when I’ll come in and pay for it?” The proprietor’s answer, “Sure, “ he smiled widely, “Whatever! After what all you’ve purchased today you may do anything you want!” Next day when school had let out Sneak and Mom went back to the store. While Frieda pickup a few more things, Sneak had put the jump suit, he’s wanted, on tags and all and was ready to go when Mom had caught up with him at the register, indicating to the cashier and that what this boy was wearing she must pay for also. The cashier knowingly smiled widely with my son and his mother.
I now know, seems there are times as parents for loosing we still win.
Hallelujah, After 4 days working, tinkering, and ragging on Leland tractor it's finally started noon today. No time for a celebration's drink, got-a grind, haul in more shelled corn, and feed hay up and down this road before sunset. Then I'll likely be to pooped to hoist even that well earned one.
It was a fun day today when all three the tractors I was and on were behaving properly. Traversing this side of the block I made my rounds to two elevators. Finally had gotten to blend those supplements that had been sitting covered five days on the back of the wood hauler. More fun coming up tomorrow doing a bit more than half what we’d done today.
Wore only my common everyday clothing when dressed for travel from home the house today. Wore no more than a heavy shirt working outside all day. The weather just hovering above freezing sure is a pleasant change from what we were blessed with all of only a month ago.
When the wall clock rolled around to 4:00 PM, I had had enough exercise. Oh, and, the tools? I can sort them three ways in short order come morning. I saw it as quitting time while I closed up the barn. Yup, the weather is changing as the service door on the barn is again working without sticking. ‘Tis time to open a tall bottle vino. I’ve sure enough finely (grin) earned it.

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