Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Man’s Moment

Woke up just moments before the 2:00 AM time change to watch a I-net supported time change to take place. Laying there the electronic clock counting the minutes away the 1:minutes I saw it register 3:00 AM the next moment. What is it why for we need a time change. The goobberment says it saves energy dollars extending daylight. I can’t se the wisdom in such an act. There are so many hours light in any ay regardless a persons attempt to try and change nature’s own clock. A silly thought in my mind. The ladies don’t care just so long as they see me bringing on their food. And that same food won’t dry any faster rushing the clocks. I still can’t start or finish a field activity until nature relates the land or crop’s readiness for my human activity.
Regardless Up so early or late in all how another body may look at this entry I’ve got no idea as to what to write about? Should I expound some words upon Her Mostess, or maybe continue my kitty cat story. My fixings should just about have my readers bored out of their skulls. Oh well, such are the ramblings of a gray haired old man.
Ahem, I am going to speak of a very old tradition what has been going on between my honey and myself for years. While it is customary for most couples to share their times together on supper dates, my bride and I seemed to have got it lovingly wrong for some very obscure easy reasons.
They are:
We’re often very hungry after a long night’s sleep, especially if that sleep might have only an hour’s real rest.
There’s never a long line to stand in.
Reservation’s not required.
No need to fancy dress for these occasions. It’s most often a come as you are outing.
No need to tip a matradee.
Easily participated in, partaken, after all our children had gone to school.
A good breakfast doesn’t cost an arm’n’leg fortune.
Last but far short from least, this meal usually served in the (our) daylight, it is much easier to see and be eaten without being hidden under candle light.
And, the company is in all ways exemplary.
Whew, I’m glad I remembered and all this….
Well now Howdy Dowdy, I made the whole out-around-about motoring shopping spree without incident even to the far reaches I had to go driving even down the village Clio’s main drag. I skipped one item on my shopping list as it wasn’t needed that badly as I had made it as far as I had gone for the mufflers. In all I made six stops, one more than I had originally planned, that one for a supply of batteries for my mouse, camera, and three flash lights power cells. Getting back home carrying in my swag I put so much of it in the freezer by the time I was through, I had to set a case of wine on top the freezer door to hold it down. I found out why the drug store’s always out of milk, the up the street supermarket’s milk is priced more than half the price more, at $3.59. Sheesh, if that weren’t bad enough, gassing up Ugly the 1st stop fueling the right side the price was $3.39.9/gallon. The 2nd gasoline stop it was $3.79.9/a gallon I had put in the left side. Outrageous!
I be damned if I don’t get to work on the 2nd Cushman in my spare time. It’d be one way to cut some my fuel costs running between the farms, saving required fuel for the tractors.
Lets see what else happened today? I finished up some laundry another basket load already starter. I fixed our supper putting together a beautiful pizza, plus making fix baking a pumpkin pie. I thought the pumpkin pie would go good with some vanilla ice-cream. Yum!

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