Thursday, March 31, 2011

3-30-2011 Still got snow

At least we still had snow trimming the trees at sunrise. And that is the way it was here this morning‘s waking up. The snow’s gloriously ever so slow going away. This said this AM, by this PM the tree trimmings were finally gone.
My running to late to get into the shop this AM I picked up and package some of Bro’s trash as it has surface form under the receding snows. I neglected to count the repacked recycled seed sacks I filled. I only may surmise they’d make over a half pickup load. Trash collectors ought to be happy with me my making sure they’d have something to pick up his place tomorrow. (grin)
I finally got ugly into the shop after lunch and commenced to take the left front hub apart. A ¾” air wrench had difficulty removing the lug nuts my having to stoop to ¾” breaker bar plus an added torque converter. The Spicer shift able 4x4 free wheeling hubs required my making another tool for use with a hand impact driver to remove some very suborn cap screws. When I finally got into the hub I couldn’t move it. Seeking the only books we’ve available for a ‘76 k Chevy. Of-course the ‘80 has to be different. Myself about to give up on it for today Bro’ came out, looking at it with better eyes than mine he saw and caught a couple my problems, one of them a missed second snap ring, just one more my taking it truck apart problems. I still called it quits as it was getting late enough into the afternoon, chores needed to be done. Nonetheless I’ve brought the books home and after I’ve settled in for the evening I planed on an attempted use of the E-Library for more detailed info my Ugly truck‘s fixing.
While I tried I fell short accomplishing anything. I guess I continue on my own. I do believe I’m building a fond dislike to Mr. GoodWrench!

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