Friday, March 18, 2011

Another day, whew

Yesterday a long one I slep like a gray log all night the long. Hey, it got up to snow country short sleeved work day topping out our temps at 69*-70*. The weather was wonderful overriding all the gone wrong disappointments Murphy laid on me all the day long. Weatherman’s rain forecast never developed. Had ugly been left outside it likely would have. I do believe that is how the weathering actually works. It’s liking now just one more fix and Ugly will be willing to run as good and bad as it had way back once upon a time. (grin)
Backing up to the weather, yesterday’s nice day contribution to our psyche’s It was a reminder some those earlily practiced Mr. & Mrs. hikes we had enjoyed the preseason’s beginnings some thirty-forty yrs ago sneaking away after a breakfast out and about while the kids were in school and my starting another construction job. Back in those days April first was ground breaking day for our commercial and/or residential building projects.
Spent most my day keeping company the Ugly truck. Took the fuel lines apart an found nothing plugged including filters. Two mechanical fuel pumps failing to work have decided to go with an electric fuel pump. Perhaps engine camshaft lobs for the engine’s fuel pump have worn off. The fuel pump will be delivered here sometime this evening or early morning.
The goofy Ugly truck beating me something’ fierce in traffic yesterday, I decided to just do a temporary dual exhaust fix. About finished it this afternoon. 5:00 PM rolling around and last night’s fence fixes to checkout I closed up shop eventually getting a ride home.
Intervening tasks include running the road with a hay bale. After lunch Bro’ gave me a ride home. Stopped by Tom’s dig’s to pick up milk they had gotten for me while doing there grocery run. After lunch took off for the long walk to the shop. I didn’t make it to the first neighbor’s place, the comely resident from there-in giving me a ride to the shop. I’m gonna have to chat with her again and perhaps more often.

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