Monday, March 7, 2011


That is what the day was, Busted.
Temps started out in the minuses as in -0*. Brrr, cold! So cold I delayed moseying my way down to the barn. Besides I had to await the arrival of the starter. The starter motor checked and found to be in good working order I put everything I had taken apart back together again. Re-cleaning all the terminal ends as I went from bolt to bolt. When I had finished the electrical system as far as the starters function was concerned didn’t work again. Trying a boost, I got what sounded like a 30 caliber starting gun going off. My next suspicion the battery was shorting out. Bro’ and I commenced to twist and turn the battery from it’s cradled location with in the depths of the tractor, (this is no exaggeration).
The battery taken in it was expertly found to be in good proper working order. What now? I guess its back to the tractor chassis and its cable connections all over again to perhaps include a couple new battery cables. Maybe tomorrow we’ll find the magic to make it all work together.
Getting back as we did, with one stop for me some milk and candy putting the battery up we called it a day. Already given the starter problem some thought I’m making my new list of supplies tomorrows efforts to make it all work.
OMG! The Wintergreen candies I had purchased and brought home are I believe the freshest I ever had the pleasure to let melt in my mouth, there containing the realest of bites in them. Melting two of them away I’m feeling as If I have been medicated. Weird?

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Paula said...

Bet you would melt here in south Texas Fernan. I know I couldn't take that cold weather you have there.