Thursday, January 13, 2011

1-12-2011 I’m Back

Doc tells me "You've an old neck." Humongous fungus, I had ready knew that.

Nothing can be done with the eye the back of the eye having ruptured and bled several tines has distroyed the retina.

First thing next Wed morn I'm slated for two more tests: An intervenous something'r'other, then a bone density test, followed by a cat-scan. Hello, I got a cat I can throw at'em.

What I like these Dotors want to see ya fresh out of bed when nothen'ens been done nothing.

It'd be different if he were here when I've get some mirrors????????

Showed him a couple mt innovations, he asks, "Why would you get down on your knees?" I tells him to either fix or unplug a machine." and got back a small "Oh."

I don't think these guys have ever lived in the real world looking at me as if I don't know what bothers me?

I guess I'll see what happens this nexk month?. UM hospital is only 75 miles away.

My problem? "You've got an old neck!"
As if I didn’t already know, Dick Tracy.. Then these Doctors want to sss a body bright, fresh, right ut of bed, and ask, “Where do you hurt.?”
I hurl anywhere from about the middle of the day on into the evening often time the pain causing me to call it quits!

I’m not at all happy…..thinking about it I had better spout off next time if I’m going to put an ened to these steplaffered pats on my head. I pizzed. Now, regardless what I say…

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