Friday, January 21, 2011

the day

Worked some on pulling truck back into its somewhat original shape. Need more blocking. Must go to shop tomorrow. I know its going to be another cold ride for sure.
Got two bus mirrors at prices I like, $free. That’s at least four down and at least another dozen to go. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to bring me some more.
Snow depths general remain the same. The weather is astonishingly balmy with out and one slicing wind chills.
Most hours ever put into truck. Need to find and make a couple new tools. Blocking needs I require ia4’s and 2x4’s cut into true short working for blocking in 4”, 5”,6” ,7”, 8” lengths or in the working neighborhoods there of.
Been no word on neck scans, pictures, whatever. Laying under truck good part of day I’ve got one of them kinks back.
Using cane more steadily these days particularly for longer walks. Helps left calf and connecting calf.
Well I’d guess a few words are better than one.


Paula said...

Always nice to get something you need free. I got a nice pair of work gloves free today because someone gave them to John for Christmas and they are too small for him. I was right there under his elbow saying I think those will fit me so what could he say? Good luck with your reports.

Donna said...

I think I am seeing my future in you, ,Fern. Dang you!