Monday, January 10, 2011

1-10-2011 A difference makes

Alright, let us all face it, I've got a few details at to whats been happenning around here mixed up. Seeing as how this all comes natural to me anyway, I'm not going to chnage or rearrange a thing. I needn't be confused anymore than I already yam.
Onto my day's first adventures. I had noyiced the troops had finally gotten some grain ground. Today. The Leland plugged in for some 24 hrs should have started easily. Fried a had let me snooze through the whole operation. I think that was yesterday?
Now onto today's adventures. Bro' called early and indicated he ge along shortly to pick me up for obscuring some more shelled corn. While he was inside one of he loco hands addisited me in filling the empty grain box. The handyman having other responsibilities H left me to tie down my load. Such a grand time I locating each and every grommet of correct rubber tie down that held the canvas cover down to something or other. As it turned out all the pieces came out just right, the green canvas looks as if iy is being held up on the orange cargo vis a giant sized spider.
Regardless what it looks like there are hopefully more than enouhg rubber starps so duport the eneviable snoloads.
The whole motored four or five hour adventur, my sprnding most my time picking after the other's to even include the last ride home when I got out of Bro's Truck I had merely slid the rubber bucket under the cargo box, leaned my cavas covering tools tenpoarily against the same gargbox and head for the ram, reaching right on time. placeing my left hand upon the railing it held me while My left leg gave away letting me go down. An od sensation, no pain, just a rubber leg uninterested in doing anything. On the ramp I stiff armed walked my way up to the house. I was never so delighted to be inside anyplace as I was twsterday.
Nadly settled in wanting lunch I delay because somebody had said they'd be right along, about the time I enjoyed my last morsal the phone started ringing. My nearoglgists office called asking I move my appointment up to this Wednesday giving me roughly ten minutes for me to finish putting my Shyiyt together. William wasn't home. My Brother doubting I've a serious medical problem I called him!!! This'll serve him right. I'll use him to cart my arse around the local community to pick up my most recent x-rays, the Druggist's latest print out my present medications, and promise to run me around tomorrow's dawn for the rest of my needs getting us my to new Dr. Lopez.

I wonder if I dare ask him how long it's been since he's swum the Rio Grande?

I think I had mentioned I found a decent working bicycle for next to nothing to hang on front of tractor. Ya suppose they still make training wheels for them?

I've been hinted at it is bed time. "Nighty nighty."

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Paula said...

Nighty Night and sleep tight.