Friday, January 7, 2011

1-7-2011 I got it.....

...I did everything I wanted to with two exceptions

First excception my trying to put my breakfast milk away I got into a rediulasly 3-legged dog legged walk in the kitchen headed me for the woodstove in the front room when my hand had grabbed at a passing doorway opening and I hung on. Surprising even me it took some moments for me to realize what had happened.
William unable to help me keep my neurosurgeon appointment the 17th I found Annie will take me. Bless her heart! I've still have them to tell of all my troubles.
I managed to carry in all my loaded wood. Whew, glad that's done, with only one tricky knee movement. Thankfully I didn't fall out of the wood hauler trailer.
Sheesh! One of the troops chickening out opening another green hay cell bowed out to let me do it. The whole proccess went quite smoother than I could have evened imagined.
Now that the wood hauler is emtyed, if Frieda's really got to get to either the crossroads of Otisvile for some quick shopping I can slip her rocking chair in there and that'll make her a happy for camper some loco shopping. Any longer trips will require wait for Spring weather and taking some of the longer way to get there.
I'm well pooped gotta eat and want to head for bed I've earned it, I swear on seated hands.

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Paula said...

Oh Fernan You work so hard. Hope you get a good night's sleep.