Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small fire

Pickup smashed up a month ago (MAIN TRANSPORTATION). About repaired enough to drive. then its out for use, specially groceries. Normally got a tractor issue to fix. This yr supposed to be 2sd hydradrive this winter. To break the boredom have collected, started assembly quadracycle to include an engine for the hills. The way I see the roads around here they're all up hill. Overhauled my Cushman truckster last yr. So durned handy about the farm (100a) bought me another one for the road. Gonna be a real summer fuel miser for them short runs into the local villages. Got two all of 4mi away either way (E & W). Shop unheated it holds my day’s attention about 4hr a stretch at best. Neighbors shop heat about block walk his eye sight better than mine welds my quadracycle parts together for me evenings. In between chores I tote wood in for the fire. Aught to be bottling my wine. Been putting it off for if I did that I’d likely have nothing else to do. Gonna be aged 15 lustrums come June around about Fathers Day. Saving myself for about twice the number drinks doc allows me a wk. Will likely need 2 canes hold me up rather than for the usual catching party coming girls. Be durned they ain’t looking younger to me everyday. I’ll sure be glad when Summer gets back again so’s I can get some rest.
One of two parts

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