Monday, January 24, 2011

Making observations?

I should be sorry for this one….. I noticed this evening when sun down rolls the earth around sundown is just as dark as it has always been, BUT later these prettier days. ……as silly as it may seem.
Next observation a wee bit closer to home.
This one’s on meself. Been experiencing the shakes off and on. I’m becoming used to the spells. However, they may become really bad when I’m in a rush over either a particular moment to finish putting together a set of minor parts making a whole; or’ how about when I’ve what seems like a fist full of those changeable utility knife blades trying to put one where it belongs while extra replacements that are where they belong stay there?
How about meal time eating table ware utensils: knives, forks, spoons; particularly the spoons. Trying to keep a pea on a fork long enough to move it only from plate to lips has become a center ring event. And, I happen to like the frozen variety just barely warmed so they may still explode in the between my gums when I chomp down on them. Giving up on forks I’m graduated not just to a teaspoon, I’m talking here about moving all the way up to a big mouthed table spoon so’s I may enjoy a grand big bite before half of them have bailed over spoon’s edges. Ha-ha, Not over filling the deep dished table spoon I may still enjoy those lightly steamed frozen green peas to their popping bests. (This was all last night.)
This morning started with me wanting to make T-calls. Instead started my day out with moved WD45 ‘s wood hauler backed to the wood pile. Tom was coming to grind. Aka Greene now aka Calico, well until its all green again, had refused to start through to this evening. Water fountain froze I replaced missing light socket and bulb, and hopped for the best. Got the Leland out set up to grind and it quit running. A Diesel powered engine quitting? It maters little, couldn’t get it started right a-way. Found it to be something wrong in ignition switch! Used another key. Grain ground, I celled for parts. Went by Mike’s picked them up, delivered ground grain, and it were lunch time. Lunch time out of way wasn’t enough time start making parts exchanges under hood. Made more cell for best actuator prices. Going $80.00 to #160.00 new. Junkyards half price same part the higher quoted prices, I opted for the chain store cheaply with the one yr warranty. Oh ya. Calico refusing to go, will around the corner took me to buy it. Getting back Hoping for the best didn’t do it. Packed a flashlight on my hip and went checking. Fountain still froze. I run out power cord from barn, packed Frieda’s hair drier on my other hip. All systems go with some added ingenuity water remained froze. Checked my pipes in the basement. my pipe was alright. Already using Frieda’s hair drier, what the heck I borrowed her vacuum cleaner hose. By the time got back water’s running. Lucky me I got to put it all away. Got in 7:30 just in time for the ever beloved cattleman’s favorite supper, beans. Organized I should be a real up and go-er by morning.
Thank you for the comments everybody. They’re appreciated.

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Paula said...

I vote for the largest spoon you can find. Don't let them peas escape.