Thursday, January 6, 2011

1-6-2011 more Today

Cheeses'n'Crackers, Only,thing I got running to day was the god old 1957 WD45 after I replaced the burned out ignition resister. Ran like a clock all the way over to otisvile and back like a well made gold pocket watch. I purchased my new supply of starting fluid and wrote all over the cans everybody else keep their grubby hands off them, Or some thing to thay effect. About time I get home, have ther tractor and wood hauler backed up to the wood pile, I was hungry needing so energy lunch.
Then the phone call come, "Can you come to doctors office right away?" Darn it I was only a mile from there about half hr 45 mins ago. I wasn't driving back today.
Called friend Will around he corner fro ride either today od tomorrow if he were available. Thanking my lucky start he was right over.
From then all news was down hill....
I've no control over my falling down, minisque black out, stiff neck, inability to turn head, my neck's worn out cartilage gone, spurs so big its a wonder it don't lock up. It's about come to should I run to look at a pretty girl, my whole life as I had once known it will be all down hill.
Have an appointment to see nearo surgeon in about 2wks. I've no choice neck requires surgery If i'm to ever come close to functioning near right again. So I guess all drivings out for me for some time to come. whoopppeee!
Somehow I got to get would into house tomorrow. ran out of time this afternoon. seems I got all day to morrow to get loaded. The way I stagger about I almost wish I had had the enjoyment and companionship of a good bottle French Brady. Oh well.

Sure wish I could see to trucks fixed. All three, opps all four of them. The '98 needing the most of it. The Cushman haulsturter If I'm relegated to the use of it at no more than a 35 MPH motor scooter for my remaining days. Who says old coots can't have their fun. Damn, If I'm gonna be slowen down by the law let it be on my 35MPH scooters!
Damn.....I could sure go for a smoke right about now.

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Donna said...

I hope things turn around for you Fernan.