Saturday, January 29, 2011

1-28-201 Gotta have fun

Honestly, I’ve gotta have some fun. Something I want to do, not have to do. My plans include using it. And with a couple days some TLC I can get it out of the next big project’s way. So’s a wee bit of working on this latest Cushman acquisition enough only to be able to run the roads this next summer between the farms. I’ll sort-a make it a useful primadonna out of it later in steps. If I’ve got to get it out of the shop I’d at least like to have it in running order, as in not a capably finished coast to coast head turning Dolly. The 1st Cushman, this farm’s very busy personal carrier (me) has been a vehicle of interest wherever I have taken it with me to get me around varied AG shows. Where while she hasn’t been a very pretty girl always seen in her ten yr old work clothes since hitting her first field.
By the time I ended my play time it were 3:30 PM, cold and hungry. I was hankering for lunch and wouldn’t be known all over the galaxy I napped within the house’s splendid warmth. Ho boy, did 4:30 roll around to quickly. It was chore time. Besides I’d done enough for today. May be posted a wee bit late????

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