Saturday, January 22, 2011

What A Grand Day

Good gosh I don’t know where to begin. So straight out the door the WD45 started right up as if it were just-a waiting for me. Drove slow to shop some what into the winds cross from left to right. In shop I grabbed everything I could think of to make my straightening the Greene out, and once again useful. I filled a whole 2bu tub full of more tools, supplies for making more tools, more smaller than I already had blocking, and more forgotten absolutely needed whatever the stuff was?
I even made one side stop to check on the Loopiest Lady in the neighborhood. I know I didn’t call ahead. As the the weather was I wasn’t about to have frozen on the very spot after digging so very deep to find the cell phone I had put on first this morning. Even Scooby Doo didn’t even tell me I wasn’t gonna be welcomed in cause his mistress was resting. So I continued on right out of the out drive headed for home. While I had had a late breakfast my nose was chilling to the bone with a great bid ice cycle having formed off the end on my nose making me look ridiculous I just a knew I had to stop off at home for an early energy lunch if I weren’t so perish sitting one WD45’s backside.
Lunch consumed, WD45 and I were off and running again one gear dropped to save and/or take advantage of saving face a second time this very invigorating day. Parking spaces at a premium I parked right in the way, and I’ll bet there are some think I do everything in an unorganized manner. Walking into shop, Mike says, “Oh no, not more junk?”
I went straight to my work jacking as much of the Greene’s damaged multiple faceted rocker panel as I could handle. Taking a short break Mike stepped up to tackling my bent up problems. Working on it as if it weren't his truck he dared doings to do I had held in reserve fore myself. Besides, As bad as the damage was I figured he could do little more.
Here’s where I’ve got to hand it Mike, He’s an artist. He’d managed to straighten a totally lost rocker panel assembly. So well he did the back (3rd door) closed and latched the likes it had never done before.
Mike called to supper, Myself absolutely delighted with Greene’s many advances in repair and having hit my wall earlier I helped him call it a day.
Tomorrow were going to attempt the new doors fitting’s. I also told Mike I’d still appreciate his help making fix my 4x4 drive, and get me out of his doors and riving again. I also suggested I could handle bumping out the cargo box, applying the new cosmetic rocker panel, the new lower cabin replacement cap as the Spring weather were about to bless us with in just a few short weeks. I’ll have all summer to fill, sand, prime and repaint Greene. (I may even go so far as to repaint the whole thing my favorite year round color, Yeller!) (I’m wondering how Greene’d look with wiggly brown camouflaging strips?)
What a glorious day it has been. Good news, I haven’t lost face, still got all my fingers and toes. Bad news, neighborhood’s passing around a partition to take my driving privileges even away before I should run into a fur coated neighborhood Lady.
Anybody reading this should know the whereabouts of a Cushman Truckster 2 speed differential transmission I’ll deeply appreciate hearing about it.

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Donna said...

Well Fern, I'm still wishing for the best for you, whatever happens.