Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ever have……

….one the days if it could go wrong it did.
First it snowed. An appointment mike made for a wood cutting project was postponed countless times during the day for imagined snow plowing.
I had stayed to myself until half the troops had abandoned the grinding mixing. Going out the one I could other wise call mouty had left leaving Tom alalone with grinder repairs. It was a good idea I had gone out. With out Tom and I both working on I Tom was ready to give up on it. Together shaing know how, knowledge as to ag parts unusual workings, between us we got it working good enough to finish today’s grind.
Tom put machinery in barn ass backwards. His plan’s to rework troublesome parts all over again one day this week. I bet I get dragged into it one way or another.
Was supposed to meet with Mike for making fix the Greene. Between his unkept appointments we didn’t get much done to the Greene. Tim in his rounds picked up a bushel basket full of Greene engine parts, unasked. How may friends do that for you? I set in Greene turned key and the OD Greene started for just as if there hadn‘t been anything wrong with it for over a week. Have you ever wanted to go out with you 45 magnum and to put a a contrary motor vehicle out of your misery.
Biggest disappointment to day Greene Still sitting outside. Have no idea when I’ll get to work on Greene body reformation again. Drat!
Despite disappointments at least it wasn’t a blizzardy day to have had all that outside good time fresh air fun.

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