Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another mixed day

Morning started before 7:00 AM here to be on time for my 1st of three med-appointments all finished by 12:00 Noon.
I managed to find me a rear door. the transfer-case has been washed, sanded, ground, and JB welded.
I looked at the truck body for a spell trying t figure out how to go at it. Maybe I can hammer out some kind of a cab corner. I’ve got more than enough steel to go through a sheet metal break to make my kind of proper rocker panels. Tomorrow I’ve got round up a box of assorted micro lengthed jacks and see what I get from there. Shocks this isn’t a new virgin truck. It’s an eleven year old obsolete model by most measured thoughts. just so it looks reasonably good and fit enough to do its job around here. meanwhile I’ll dream about a 1909 vintage Ross-Royce in the garage Ive just haven’t had tome to build for it. for those putting on the dog weekends what just happen to come up every five or six years or so. meanwhile I’ve even managed to just gotten in by 9:30 PM under a full moon.

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