Thursday, January 13, 2011

1-13-2011 I tryied

….And darn it Frieda’s no help. I’ve another day lost!!!!
After I had gotten home yesterday afternoon, had lunch, set here for a while knowing I’m fully on my own, I went outside preparing the Greens for movement. Mike building no cars righ now. He keeps his shop heated. It’s an ideal time for me to get Greene in If I can talk Mike into an IOU lucky if h should eve collect deal. The original old grainer with an inside sliding door was jammed near shut. I had to squeeze my big body thru a nine inch hole. Something I hadn’t impressionably done fore at least 53 years. Oe inside I had found rodents had gotten inot a left ove bundle Rockwool insulation and bad built for them selves a rather sturdy nest behind the dorr in it door pocket. As saft as I was equipped I kept my gloves on to dig the varmints abode out. I select a piece of plywood for a left Greene side template piece only to find later it’d be to small. Figures! With JD I prepare to push Green down the road with hay bail without tail end damage.
Be my luck Tom will feed out the bale so I can start all over again….That is if I can even get an even break from the brains of this outfit, Herr Clink! No, I’m noy mad. Just well pizzed!!!
Hell, only a few more weeks it’ll be spring and I wont have time.
The way they’s squashing cars for that $0.11/# a used part’s impossible to fin. I figure if I can get my side doors off I’ll be able to straighten and refit them. I’ve done it before, I ought to be able to do it again. The door frames straightened and refit the reskininng will be easy. I should have all repairs done in two weeks, including fixing distributor, spark plugs, and srvo or relay replaced on front axle.
So the old bad feeds me, As there’s no point my going to see Mike until he comesw home from his day job. Whats the old bag do to me?????? He leaves me sitting sleeping until 9:00 PM. Well rested for an all night MM dreaming.
I swear…dealing with women a man can’t win for losing!!!!!

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Paula said...

Awww you would be at a loss without Frieda and you know it.