Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hay Hay Hay

That’s what I did all day. Everybody else quitting me I was the one to carry on. So, on’t know what I’ll bale Monday, nothing. I rolled up 38 5x4 1600# hay bales off five acres out back (right cheer). Next field I rolled 30 5x4 1600# hay bales on ten acre field in the next TWP. Half way back, I’ve no idea how many the same sized hay bales I rolled up that last field along my way home, but I can say for sure they was a lot of them.
So many folk looking out for my welfare they conspired to do some tree trimming. They did it alright with leaving their leaving’s behind. Looks like the first clsse day I ain’t already got something else to do I’ve got this mess to clean up. Freaking nuts they are. Them limbs weren’t no bother to me when they’s up in that tree?!?!
Guess I’ll just have to contribute this wood to my winter wood pile.
My eyes and nose itching and watering, with an assortment of varied sneezing renditions thrown in, when I finished that last field I was done. Quarter to 7:00 PM I’d had enough seat time wearing the seat my britches thin. I was finished! You read me? I's finished for today!!

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Paula said...

I read you. lol It is still too wet to get to the hay here. I'm not complaining, come August we'll be begging most probably.