Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I’ll tell what’s doings: my eyes itch, nose is running, and I’m still wearing Frieda’s diddy! So embarrassing. Butt, regardless, I got things to do! I just ain’t going to do-do anything any to fast.
The country drain commission disappearing the other day made it back today, at last finding the cave-ins, three of them today. While they did their thing I ran the wire around the last pasture piece out here and turned them loose in it.
Was about noon when Tom took me over to the motor parts store so’s I could buy my ordered carburetor rebuild kit. Phoned, number two son had said he was in the neighborhood and bringing his girl by to see us. Rather than take the Cushman off down the road I had commenced to take apart the old dried out carburetor. That was a sow process as I looked at everything twice/thrice to remember how was to go back together.
When son arrived he had brought with him a vision of loveliness. Reminded me of my more youthful days. (sigh). I managed to get her alone to myself for a ride out among the ladies and after talking with the drain fixing crew I gave her a quick tour of the backyard. Good thing too. I found I had a forgotten tree trunk and its branches to cut up out by the duck pond.
Lawd, Frieda and I enjoyed their company. They brought a home town backed blueberry pie and some of her baking, banana bread and chocolate cookies. After a while I knew something was coming and was happy for the kids when they announced they were going before the district court judge this coming Friday for their marriage vows. I wish we could have been there. Then after they had left, Dumb Asred Me, I had forgotten to take their picture…. I can‘t believe I had done or hadn‘t done that? Really?
It was after supper and getting late on into the evening when I took my carburetor over to Mike’s garage and used his punch to drive out a compressed pin. Ho boy, apart I’ll be getting that carburetor body a socking in some strong carburetor cleaner come morning. Whatever else what was done today paled to Far’s and Lily’s news. That girl looks like a keeper to me. CONGRATULATIONS KIDS!

PS: Here's hoping the newlyweds e-mail me a picture or two. We Love you Kids. Be Happy! Email addy fmgruber at gmail dot com.

P.S.: On C/PAP talking to Lady Betty.
Frieda has been on a CPAP machine for what seems like years and piped in extra oxygen the last couple years.
She got her's at a time when they were in short supply and patents were put on a waiting list for new equipment. Within days her case so severe she was notified of a returned machine and taken in for a fitting. A few months back she was notified by the supplier, not the clinic supplying the machine, she was eligible for an update.
Her machine working well for her and no indication from the licensed medical professionals she should update, she stayed with the equipment she's using.
Personally, I've thoughts she needs an oxygen supplement during the day also. She's tuned a deaf ear to me for that part. And, bad me, I've forgotten to bring my thought up with our doctor.
Well, she goes in for an upper G.I. in a few days. I guess we'll find out more about her pipes then?
Memory card? How and what'll they think of next? I've been trying to get her back on roller skates again for sometime.
Meanwhile I'm seeing and hear of more and more people using such devices, i boggle my mind.
Good luck with your C/PAP and sleep tight.
Fernan :)

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Paula said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. Post a picture when you can.