Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catch up

I know what’s meant about busy and unable to keep up. Our going nowhere I still don't know whether I'm coming or going some day's. I haven’t even had the time to make fix the Ugly. What has been done has been done all wrong. (I guess there are days like that.)
Frieda's an appointment for a upper G.I. in a couple weeks. Worst part it's in same neighborhood where I destroyed the van.
It had to happen, heavily exposed to enough hay, weeds, dusts and pollens my childhood hay-fever has 100% kicked in. It just isn't getting to me when I'm a-field anymore. The hay-fever has taken up back packing with me around the clock. There’s no my running away from it. I’m feeling as if I’ve been unceremoniously tag teamed by Mother Nature and possibly a sister.
Knee has gotten so sore I’d like a couple non clutching days (tractor driving) to rest it.
Ahem, I started my day with trying to rebuild an Ugly starter. And when I tried it, it a yes and no, off and on, tried turning Ugly’s engine over. Phooey, I’ll tend to it later. I wanted to get to or into Ugly’s engine timing. I’ve been suspecting something funny has been going on? Time will tell. The Cushman my only over the local road transportation today was a fine day for driving it, shade over head, open all the way around to enjoy some cooling summer breezes It took me to the shop more than ounce. I had needed an electrical testing instrument, a timing light, some spark-plug wires to replace a couple to short or damaged.
Satisfied as far as I could go with the engine timing progress I returned to the silly starter. Reevaluating today’s starter entry I found I might had done a better job of it, I looked all my parts over, made one change plus adding an extra. Having a time putting it together when I had finished I decided to let the starter’s installation wait until morning. My hitting my everyday wall I was all worn out (sort-a) and decided to pt the starter up under the pickup truck engine. Truthfully thinking about that lying down and under one more time. In a prone position I‘d just been my luck I‘d have dropped that troublesome starter on my foot. 7:00 PM I was in the house. Then had supper. Now I’m fighting sleep. BGKC.

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