Saturday, July 24, 2010

7-23-2010 Good Luck’s

About my comment about the unavailability of finding and using Iodine on farm animals do to it’s popular ingredient in meth-labs:
Good luck anyone even finding people iodine. I ask for iodine in any and/or all forms everywhere I manage to go. Can’t even buy it in aerosol form. I'm afraid even if I found a gallon and bought it in desperation for on-hand future use I'd have the DEA, FDA, FBI, CIA, AMA, FFA plus the Sate Police, county Sheriff, and loco twp Constable down all over me.
As long as I’m on the subject; rising related business’s costs for insurance every time a criminal breaks a padlock on an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer (Liquid Nitrogen) tank, it must be reported to the State Police. Anhydrous ammonia is another important element in meth-labing. Then every time a law enforcement report is made an insurance company raises it insurance rates.
Ve va the crack criminal elements for making everything so much more convenient for the farmer.
Nearing noon, my back feeling near to giving out bent over the front Ugly’s grill, Keith having called I may have to grind again this weekend. And more impotently, just when this body needed a smart “A” there wasn’t one to be seen to tell me I was flubbing up. Remarkably I caught my error before a first bolt had been tightened. My conclusion, it were break time: escape heat on Cushman‘s breezy ride, go to elevator, eat lunch with feet up for a well deserved half hour. Well, a half hour anyway.
Getting back to Ugly, some shade finally, I picked-up where I had left off tightening the fan bolts before adding another part the radiator.
By 5:00 PM I was ready to start Ugly. The battery so dead it was incapable to even engage the starter. Oh well, I was ready to call it quits at that hour anyway. Battery charger on Ugly, picking up, sorting, putting unneeded tools and fluids away before taking off for home I finally made to my rattlers by 6:00. Those taken I’m feeling water logged inside and out. In spite of the hour and a half, half-hour lunch the humidity added to the heat pushed the heat index way up there here. Some weather reporters are saying today’s been the hottest day thus far this summer. I don’t know? I’m thinking we had had some hotter days a few days ago. Might be so, the humidity a key factor in the heat felt, thus index.
Home I don’t want nothing. I’ve had more than my share of water drinkened today. Still feeling thirsty the only treat I want is a fattening tall soda with lots of ice-cream in it. And, I know it is a misnomer an ice-cream treat will cool me off. The opposite is so, ice-cream generating energy and heat in the body. BUT, I don’t care. I know what I want.
Still a time to go before my supper, the sky is clouding over making some threats of some serious weather. I hate these situations of uncertainty. If its going to thunder and lightening with some healthy rain thrown in, get with it or get passed over us. I hate the waiting for what? I don’t think I’d want to live in the Sahara. We’ve more than to many hot days in row as the weather’s been lately. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I say is we want soda with ice cream in it at our age we should get it and I usually do.