Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well! Since all the wizards with the so called mechanical know how’s had taken Ugly’s repairs out of my hands before; and, their unable to get Ugly going have once again left to me once more to figure it out on my own.
Lunch time a good time to quit Ugly. The tappet covers removed I’ve checked the cam lobs and they’re working just fine. The belts are on. I’ve managed to fasten the battery ground cable to the engine block. Where it had been originally attached I had no idea.
Keith had told me yesterday I may have to grind this weekend. So he calls just as I was about to give Ugly a rest and inform me I needed to grind today. He could have told me that last night in stead of waiting to tell me the last minute. (grrr)
I like all this help I’m blessed with. I feel so reassured? (grin) And, such nice weather we’re having. Skies clouded threatening rain with sprinkles to add interest. Whooppee, Seeing as how I’d got to use the AC tractor in addition to the Cushman I thought I’d had a better than even chance of getting wet before the day was done.
I think I definitely need more friends (help).
Peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch washed down with a glass of milk was all I wanted. Looking out the windows about the only way I was going to get wet with an impending rain coming on I just got up climbed aboard the AC tractor to meet the rain head on. I did to just before I crossed over the creek for the long climb out of the bottom. And when I got back home I figured it Tea time while I waited for the shower to pass.
The rain stopped clouds looking like they’s ready to hang on, I got with it anyway, it had to be done. As it was to turn out it’d been just to hot and humid for anything more today. Getting things set up, the trailer load supplements out and set, the grinder mixer, the eventual empty wagon, and the grind done it was a sweaty Tea Time again. And I enjoyed it. By and by, I delivered the goods, the 4H mob patiently waiting my arrival to deliver and park it. Then came home and called it a day. It’s also a good time to let me think about what I haven’t done to Ugly. Lets see, the tappet covers may go back on. I’ll pull and reset the distributor to my liking this my time. I think I’ll check each and every spark plug wire for continuity and strength as I put them back on the engine. There must be at least three different brands on Ugly presently. I think they bare testing to be sure. I know it is likely some stupid little thing bothering the Ugly’s ability to run right.
In for the evening, I was looking forward to a simple supper. Then I could sure go for a cold giant economy sized soda. And while I had an hour’s light I had might better work on some sketches. At least get them ready for inking some fine Winter days when I’ve a steadier hand. BGKC.

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