Friday, July 9, 2010

Well rested

A nay and an all night good sleep I should be well rested. Now all I have to do is get out and get busy and see how long the rest lasts.
Soc-la-blu, Ugly’s running. Last new part I bought was the distributor rotor, the only new part I hadn’t replaced. There was still no fire? Ready to let out, let forth, the screaming emee’s I lite up a smoke to let my disappointment cool down. Mellowed out I leaned over the engine I haven’t yet shot with the 44 caliber I removed the distributor. Brought out one that had been taking up space in one of shop wall’s pigeon holes I slipped it in. Tried it found I had spark. However, the distributor off 180* I left it simply moving the wires halfway around the cap. Started the engine, checked the timing, so close I tightened the distributor in place. At last starting, running, but still holding out excellently running good Ugly’s still got a carburetor issue. I’ll tell you what, I’ll accept a couple small accomplishments right now, for the Ugly’s heart has still been spared a bullet through the heart.
J-zooks, We had poured on us at least a whole inch of rain yesterday afternoon.
In another vane: Holy-Smokems, success, I’ve found Frieda a ride to the Doctor’s office week after next. Whew, glad that’s taken care of.
Okay, I got a late start on them but I’ve driven all the fence posts and strung enough electric fence wire to shut up all the opened mouths yapping at me all afternoon. I herd it all: “Let me in, “Let me out, “It looks ready to me, “Quit holding out, “I’m hungry, “I’m starving, “When we going to eat, What’s taking so long, “You’ve already been way out there, twice already, “What’s the hold up, “You holding it out on us?” and that was only the printable dialogue laid on me. By and by I finally let them out and didn’t receive even one, “Thank you!” In-greats the lot of them. Bah! Wimmin!!!!
I had thought of umpteen things to write about today while moseying about the fields and now I can’t remember a single one of them. Ain’t nothing like having a sharp mind is there….
Would you believe I had an earth shaken experience today?
I had hit the fence posts so hard I shook the earth. The earth shaken a chunk of this big old oak tree, from inside the wood lot, fell right across my intended electric fence line. I’m telling you as I see it.
This about all I may muster, its an early evening for me. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Yep those cows are all takers and users and never say thanks but we like 'em anyway, don't we?