Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weak Batteries

Saturday last while Barry and I were cutting up the conveniently dropped tree trimmings in the gateway, Keith and Ray were hauling in here same cattle what had broken the gate chain up in the barn, for an earlier same morning cattle round up. Sorted once for their ride to here Keith had gotten to sort them a second time. Bringing them in two loads they were a show in themselves to watch.
The animals sorted and moved about for a number of reasons the friendships and bonds made between the animals are often broken. It’s liking each new calf crop the calves make lasting friendships and loves as calves playing and high-tailing their celebrations of life. Us humans as their masters separate the calves from their mothers for weaning as one example. And then considering the blood lines the females are sorted for breeding purposes to encourage continued changes involving genetic and strengths in the breeding. The animals are also sorted to avoid double breeding to avoid either future sterile, weak, or misfit descending generations.
These animal movements last Saturday was for putting some of the far end animals on the wider more abundant grazing space here. And, now for the setting the rest of the scene. My gang was out back grazing almost a half mile back (away). These animals dropped off some of them have/had been here before some taken away for AI-ing to a selection of long gone bulls for particular traits wanted in the next generation. I must also explain I’ve divided this property into a number o different pastures, to rest the land, to let the grass recover, to let the sun and rains to cleanse and purify the fields. As for the cattle being dropped off (called) new, those here the old, the activity went something like this:
The first load stepping off the trailer had some or all the animals who’d been here before. Cattle primarily a very social animal they tend to draw themselves together. So these getting off their ride were immediately looking for those they knew should be here. So the leaders right away start looking around the outer perimeter of the barnyard for an opening out to the bigger mob. This new bunch their behavior perhaps getting them into trouble I shouted at them, “Come Boss!” repeatedly to show them the way to those they seeked. Shown the way, the way also carpeted with this season’s second grass growth they were calmer and making headway to a happier Summer experience.
He old bunch having heard a voice new or known started moseying their way up to the barnyard. About this time another second load of cows and calves are arriving and unloading. Oh Lawd, Old meeting new, Even friends in the animal world they were soon reconnecting old friendships, companionships, clicks, and associations: bumping heads. Swinging their heads into/onto each other’s flanks, shoving and pushing each other around in two’s, three’s and even a foursome. What pandemonium, so involved in their greetings cementing old relationships I feared for my fences and my dragged in involvement. AND, of course, What does my camera say in the viewing window going blank, “Low Battery!” Wonderful, I thank Paula for such a mindful picture what sometimes goes on in the animal world. Oh yeah, and perhaps some of this shoving and pushing may also involve either establishing or reestablishing a pecking order. I’d rather think of it as making Love rather than War.
Sheesh, this reminds me, I’ve got to go push Her Mostess around.
Ugly‘s story for today:
Got Ugly started running maybe on three cylinders. Did manage to drive from here down to the other end. There Tom had to push it backwards into the shop. I was given a ride home and left alone after that. Back home I cleaned out Cushman’s cargo box keeping only the essentials (fence repair stuff). Had lunch and continued driving Ugly the rest of the day. The carburetor looking strangely liking Ugly’s I removed it and found it to be about the same. Taking carb off Ugly I took them both with me to my rural auto parts dealer. It took him some time to find the numbers and make out the repair kit. Supposed to be in the neighborhood after 9:00 AM. Ho boy, I’m not looking forward to taking this second carborator apart/ Probably at least 3o year since it has last had gasoline put through it. (groan)
While the Cushman and I were out I drove the ¼ ton truckster right on up the State Road. What the heck I had already driven over the primary county road for the parts shop. So! I led a couple parades, maybe three, up the pike. I wanted milk and ice-cream, and a couple more last stops for Frieda’s meds and again for me some tobacco.
So what’d I find? They’ve quit selling tobacco. Bummer. I was figuring if I want a smoke, then I’ll have to roll a smoke. Yeah right. Well I know of a tobacco shop between a couple suburbs, just west of here, next time I have to be going that way.
Now, I’m hoping for rain to make my holing up the shop I reasonable excuse to take apart a stubborn carb..
Nodding off I‘m calling Shorthorn country quits for a needed snooze. BGKC

PS: By all Library indications my body's feeling like it has returned to normal. That's all.

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