Thursday, July 1, 2010


I must have had a good….err….a rather impressive productive work day. Yawn, yawn, when’ll they stop? Blip, blip, when’ll the eye lids quit sticking shut. Good gosh almighty, I slept hard. I don’t even remember having had hauling water.
Boss Lady had a slew of moles surgically removed yesterday. She didn‘t come either any lighter nor prettier. Doc‘s efforts however sure make the brail method of midnight identifying who‘s climbing back into my bed a bit more difficult.
First thing this morning her girl friend picked her up they’ve decided to make it a blood letting party day. Hmm, spose these wimmin found a good looking daylight party animal vampire? What the deal is Doc wants to know what Frieda’s red and white blood cells look like and are they carrying any admoralities. He’s also having her extract cholesterol kinds and levels checked; plus. and in depth check for an over abundance of sugar.
Up 30 minutes, eyes drying out and itching. My nose is running like an old brass faucet requiring a new washer. Any body remember those? I remember servicing those old faucets including either replacing or taping in new valve seats. Somebody borrowed those tools back in the 1970’s I don’t know whatever happened to those tools then, for I haven‘t seen them since.
Tractors a-field all in need of fuel, Ugly refused to start. Starter sounded so bad Tom replaced it three times before he found one that’d work and it needs a bendix (will change later with the good one out off the removed starter). Just enough fuel in the Shultz Oliver I took it down to the corner and broke that field in while Tom enjoyed himself wrenching. This was all before noon. Afternoon all us picking up our parts in the scheme of things some got it all wrong. Tom sposed to cut hay needed fuel first. Bro’ needed something else. It was “Fernan I need this” or “Fernan I need that” most the afternoon. How was I ever going to get any hay baled. I finally got my break along about 3:00 PM. Everybody else finished for the day I was finally at liberty to do my part baling hay. Having a lot to do I saw it as a long afternoon. And at about half way through my baling the Indy Oliver’s hydra-drive went wrong. Thankfully ir went wrong locked up in direct drive. I’ve got a notion that’s the only way the Indy Oliver’s going to work the rest this season. Well, I can at least get some work out of it although a wee bit inconvenienced. I’ll take it. Now, that hydra-drive failure makes three. One these days one of us had better take one apart.
Going on 8:00 PM getting in, my day wasn’t to bad. Biggest thing for me I got to keep working it body and mind. Getting off the tractor I remembered my knee used to hurt worse. I do believe those bone chips what had managed to find their ways into m knee joint had or are dissolving making walking less painful. Still have to be careful with wrist. How long does it take and experienced bone to heal. One thing sure, I must continue wearing the wrist brace for number of reasons The best one, built into it is a steel support which is my only way to put the Olivers PTO’s in gear. I was surprised how helpful the brace was for letting me use a heavy hammer for setting those electric fence posts.
Shucks, to tired to go on I have to call it quits and I had little bird story I wanted to rant on…. BGKC.

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