Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ho Hum Day

Woke up to a kitchen serenade this morning. I think this singer is showing some real promise. Very, very good DAW. I enjoyed her song immensely. She might have been another Patsy Cline (smiles) if she hadn't taken up with a good man. (grin)
Was supposed to grind today. Humpht! It’ll more likely be Monday. Played with Ugly’s timing and got nowhere quick. Came home getting soft water rinsed along the way. Had lunch and watched two more showers really dampen things down around here. Then buried my nose in the computer for some serious research.
The Cushman the right hand jug about to burn out I looked for Cushman parts. There weren’t any to be had. Obsolescence don’t you know. Continuing to look some more I stumbled onto an aftermarket complete OMC engine rebuild kit. Wasn’t cheap/wasn’t expensive either. It’s ordered and hopefully on the way come Monday. Now, I’m like a boy child waiting for Santa Clause to deliver me my first erector set like toy. I’m so looking forward to the engine rebuild the sparkplugs are designed into these new parts placed on top the engine, in stead of underneath. I’ll like that. Another desirable feature I’m told my old 18 hp engine will be turned in a 22 hp powerful engine. Oh boy that should give the buggy some snap, a better butternut creek hill climber, the power to move heavier loads, and perhaps some greater fuel economy. And, when I’m done I should get back about 40% my moneys spent on the kit for the returned core charge.
I also looked into some HEI troubleshooting forums, nooks, and crannies discovering about eight/ten pages of material I was denied down loading. Baahhh!!!! I wanted that info in sheet form for shop use reading the voltage and ohm values suggested in the articles for varied distributor parts. For all I know I may have installed a defective from the factory part, Besides the basic housing with mechanical weight there is the drive shaft running up through the center PLUS five more electronic replaceable parts. I’ve replaced them all. One of them new parts may still be letting me (us) down.
Mundane stuff, I warmed my own meals, caught up the laundry, kept my bride company, and avidly avoided any honest work. Sheesh I must be going to pieces, no smoking nor drink all the day long.


Paula said...

Thats what Patsy Cline said she fell to pieces. Great singer, loved her.

Donna said...

Oh yeah, learned everything I know about singing from Patsy... no, wait... it was Minnie Pearl taught me everything she knew.