Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not my day

Started day moving last tractor out of my equipment yard way. Included all night battery charge, airing up flat tire (driver). Once moved blocked up axle to sort of hold tractor up on an even keel. Then it was Ugly shop time.
1980 Chevy HEI v8 refuses to run smooth...
...pops, cracks, backfires, lops, wide range misfiring.
Have replaced plugs and wires, dist cap, rotor, modal, coil, pick -up coil. No oil in the water, no water in the oil. Compression check 135# to 140# across all cylinders, 10# fuel pump pressure. Keeping engine running as best can, sprayed ether over carburetor, there was no indication leaking manifold gaskets. Tappet covers removed to check okay valve action. Installed new timing gears and chain. Have replaced distributor with one off running engine. Got juice from ignition switch to distributor. Sparks plus replaced three times with new. Have just open fronted timing cover, found NO mistake, gear alignment is as it should be.
What have I missed?
I beeen a naauuughty boy eating a good dose of cholesterol (2 hard boiled eggs). Oh Boy, salt and peppered, they were oh so good. I guess I’ll be eating oatmeal the next few days to off set today’s lunch. The devil made me eat them, for man does not live on toasted oatmeal bread alone.
Before noon I had the Cushman loaded down with, 2gal emergency gasoline, three 5gal cans diesel fuel, 1gal motor oil, 4bale twine, tool box, jumper cables, fuel funnels (my own and 1 to return), and patience for a not so fast a fur piece drive.
What’s the math? 12½ miles covered in 20 minutes including a 2 minute traffic light stop. What was my Cushman’s average moving speed?
Lets see, what else? Oh yeah I put the spring toothed drag away freeing the 4010 JD for combine use with second cuttings mower-conditioner. The first cutting rotary-conditioner requires its skid plates replaced for an off the ground eight>ten inch Sudex cutting.
Last year it was that damnable kennel man hungry wiener dog what messed up my replacing these two front doors. This Summer itlooks like Ugly’s doing it to me this season……(grrrrr)
Glory be, I’ve finally finished the first cutting and baling hay. I also noticed today an oil leak from somewhere inside the baler. (oh happy day) This baling took me twice as long as it did cutting it, as I knew it would. I’m glad this step is done. Now if I can just get Ugly running for hauling. Anybody got a 1957 older fashioned points and condenser distributor?
Home about 6:00 PM, I had taken my medicine and set a spell. So disgusted with Ugly I’m thinking I ain’t gonna touch it until day after tomorrow. Meanwhile I must get outback to see what the ladies are grumbling about. (wimmin) Oh bless there grass nibbling hearts they must have stayed up all the last to nights just to hide all the growth from me, that there had been out there. So, I moved or allowed them into the next pasture. And, they even complained about that. A whole lot of thanks I got out them this afternoon.
All of a sudden my evening energy has abandoned me. Looks like sleepy time for me. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Have a good night and hope those ladies are more appreciative of you tomorrow.