Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Ugly

This morning’s dissertation starts out with a quote, “I've resorted to buying a spool of copper cored plug wire and ends from NAPA and making up my own plug wires.”
. The gentleman’s suggestion from Pennsylvania’s poverty patch is likely closer than I imagined.
Summing Ugly's problems It's been going through Plug wires and I've lately been carrying two extra sets spark plugs. Time to bite the bullet. Ugly isn't the belle of the ball any more. Next problem, finding copper plug wires even in kit form. Whatever kit we might have once had is spread around on a couple three gas tractors. Know you can tell how long it's been since I've bought a full fledged made for immediate use copper spark plug wires and had to fuss over a set of copper wires in KIT form.
I've just had another thought. Some eight years ago When I had first gotten the Cushman running, refusing to give up on it, besides I had put a lot of time into putting it together, I was replacing the damnable spark plugs every other time I brought it out of the barn. So often in fact the Cushman has its own customized tool box carried on board at all times. Upon recommendation the Sixguys I purchase an expensive quart "Lucus Oil" and gave Cushman a whole cup full drink. Maybe Ugly needs such a drink? The Cushman now goes a season on a pair cleaned spark plugs. Been six years since last pair purchased plugs. I might had best buy another quart “Lucus Oil” Before I’m finished Ugly will get an oil change and the Cushman can also use an oil change as well.
Morning started with fence mending and the Ladies pasture changed.
PhotobucketAnd when everything was readied they had already taken to standing around the far end of the barnyard exit into a yonder pasture. I called and they insisted stubbornness.
PhotobucketMy leaving them behind to figure it out, as I had approached the barn the Ladies had strung out.
No real time to hang around coaxing the ladies into the freshened pasture I had to keep moving. With a meteorologist’s promised three day window of dry weather I had hay to mow, leaving home to do it. Ugly remaining laid up, the Cushman took me the six and a half miles to the hayfield awaiting my attention. I enjoyed the breezy ride. Three hours and three small fields mown, I headed home.
Upon my arrival home Frieda explained the ladies bad mouthed me for near an hour after I had left their long faces watch me drive away. My lunch belated, I warmed it and enjoyed it with a tall cold milk. Once I got to the shop I started working on Ugly kind-a of slow and easy like. I continuity checked the ignition wires testing good. On top the engine/underneath a couple/three times I set the crank dampener to Top Dead Center (TDC).. A plank and piece of plywood laid over the fenders and the engine underneath I rotated the oil pump shaft until it positioned to allow me to drop the distributor into the engine by the book. All this activity wasn’t easy. Getting up and down under the truck wasn’t easy and about the time I finally had the distributor set I had developed what felt like a noggin hammered headache. From on the floor sitting up, ten standing up, hanging onto the fender tipping my head forward and back my head felt like it had received another blow. I wasn’t about to try and figure more of this engines proper assembly I called it quits. Resting a bit I drove home. 1500mg Tylenol drowned and a nap I had gotten over the headaches. What caused them I could only guess maybe some heat stroke. Anyway, I feel as though I’ve made some headway regardless having to give it up for today.
How about this almost all orange scene with Ugly’s absence.
Fun Stuff
There was a once upon a time, I used to brag about my meager five foot height, or rather more lacking 5'17 1/4"; but, alas by the hairs on my fuzzy chin-chin I have undoubtedly settled down to an acceptable 5'16" in height I can not do anything about. I think it high time all of us who fall into this easily 5’ cuddling size, stand up and declare ourselves just as big in heart and manner as those thinking they may tower over us. As I’ve always said, “Think tall!” BGKC.

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