Monday, June 11, 2012


Truthfully I’m not any to sure what day it is? Been so busy here trying my darndiest to make an all Winter tasty and nourishing good hay product. It ain’t been easy! Impromptu rains, machinery breakdowns and sheer exhaustion has bothered me to no end. I’ve said it before and saying again, “I’ve been eat, sleeping and doing what comes naturally too add-normal farm life.” (grin) Gosh, I’e managed to bale my 1st field of gloriously beautiful green hay day before yesterday. The ladies have finally gotten around to behaving themselves. (Some briskets were coming dangerously close to being harvested!) Have had more deer jumping up or out in front of me my hay cutting efforts. A goofy arsed raccoon has gotten itself caught inside an empty gravity box. I’m being declared inhuman for not letting him out. What am I doing about it? Nothing! Going to let it dehydrate and expire without my ventilating the gravity box with unnecessary bullet holes. I met and hopefully made a new fried buying the produce off another hay field a few miles from here. Now if I could only fine a few more? Hay crop yields are off 60% or better off from production numbers these same fields of years past. The big baler broke n me a couple days ago. Sure glade the small one was standing by an more than willing to save my day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My latest plan is cut, cit, cut, tomorrow then take a couple days mechanicing whilst crops dry for more baleing’s. Fun, fun, fun! Have three local fields close in where I can do this before ranging further out to more distanced satellite fields. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Holly smoke’ems American barbers, We got our (Fillip & myself) hair cut this afternoon under the gize of predicted all day rain showers. 1st notable benefits: for myself I’m cooler, hearing’s drastically improved, no long hair tickling my back, no uncontrollable breezes blowing my formally wild hair in my eyes, and best of all there’re no needs to either braid nor tie my hair up in pretty ribbons. Sorry, I guess I’ll just have to continue being handsome rather than cute. (grin) “Rainbows.” Fernan

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