Friday, June 1, 2012

Trash day?

Herr Clink was harping upon my lazed soul, “It’s trash day. Get it out there!” Okay, okay, I finally got around tuit. Then when I had bundled the trash and carried it out, I didn’t know which side of the road to put it on, Monday my side. Friday neighbor’s side. OMG! I didn’t even, I don’t even know what day it was/is? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s raining today. The kind of rain that can be counted on. Okay, let me back a few tractors up… Day before yesterday the same red’n’white cow had gotten out again. Tom informing of her outside travels he went charging off to bring her back. Oh crap! I didn’t instantly wake up. And by the time I had and by the time I had caught up with Tom He had pushed that poor cow senseless. He had her just about as confused as a cow may become. Supposedly dumb animals, doesn’t every city cousin know! Whelp anyway, Tom was about ready to push’n’run the poor lady near around the block to get her back where she belonged. I put the kybosh on that suggesting we just keep an eye on her and worry her back in the same way she’d come out. Well, it took some 2hrs vigilance before she had calmed enough to go back to the very place she’d gotten out and without stretched out emotion she went back in. I returned home for breakfast. A bit later Fillip and I had driven 7 more fence posts. That afternoon I finally got back to my hay making, baling the Duck Pond pasture, finishing up at 8:30PM just before sundown. ‘Twas a long day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday morning the day’s start came from an opposite direction. Bro’s heifers had gotten out. On the road again by the time I had fed my ladies 1st, and arrived on the scene the heifers had been contained and were back inside their proper domain’s. As usual it was my turn to make fix Bro’s deplorable fences. For some required planks in one corner the heifer’s lot, I hammered and kicked another bunch of planks loose an unneeded chunk of useless fence. (Got to get back to what’s left of that last fence one these days, it’s about to fall over.) Then again back to here we brunched. I understand brunch is some kind of a got-rocks society combination breakfast-lunch meal. Well, we ain’t got rocks, but we can pretend some highfalutin behavior at least once in a while. Bellies filled I show Fillips my ways of resetting electric fences. We finished the Duck Pond pasture along about quarter to 8:00. Yep, it’d been another long day. Now I’ve managed to blow a perfectly good rainy morning. Lollipops Fernan

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