Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5-29-2012 Moral Day Over

Welp, we managed to get the Schultz tractor back on line yesterday. Tire’s loaded and aired standing in readiness to mow more hay out here today. When yesterday’s afternoon fell apart with storm warning including zillians of gallons rain we went into a holding pattern. So, Fillip and I spent some time around here catching up some farm/barn yard matters. I tried mowing our yard and the yard tractor refused to run. Might have been to hot for it to run. Might have been vapor locked. Additionally all considered it was to hot for working on. Okay with me. To hot for myself also low to mid 90’s. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Had plenty to do today. Mo’ later……. ….now, lot later. 24hrs later. We successfully ground feed. Boogied a half successful parts trip into Mt Morris. We got what we needed only halving a bis seal set into its engine carrier was denied. Nut’s looks like I’ve got some tools to make to do-it myself engine seal installation. Fillip and I were mistaken for a couple Tennessee ridge running moon-shiners. We could have sold all the white lightening we might have had had we had any to begin with….. I managed to cut another hay field. Fillip started raking another, my finishing it almost late into the evening. And those ka-zillian drops of rain we were ‘sposed to get? We got nary a drop, wasting a whole haying day. (grumble, grumble, growl, growl) Regardless, looks like we’ll be busy again today. Lollipops. Fernan

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