Friday, May 11, 2012

Been Lax

Yes I’ll admit my folly….err…..AWOLness. I might say I’ve been busier than a one wheeled unicyclist making hay the last few day one way or another. I have done it two ways managed to make it rain all over Shorthorn country, either washing a car (tractor in this case) or cutting hay. The last worse yet three weeks before the official Michigan Memorial Day’s weekend haying season’s kick off. The tractor had been repeatedly lambasted with wild birds fallen-out poop for many months. As for the early haying start the Winter Rye we had planted had matured well enough it’s grain seed was correctly in the boot for optimum nutritional livestock’s hay value. Perfectly ready to harvest the rains predictably came again this Spring as they had in years past. However I’ve (we’ve) been trying to do our level best to cut, bale and wrap the crop regardless. Now that the absolute prime harvesting time has past we’re trying to save what we may of the crop’s palatability for next Winter’s feeding. Along with working the fields tractors and implements are in need the regularly seasonal attention lubricants and greasing’s. And then there are other required discoveries needing correction one of the more difficult task for me, my time continually passing on, are the replacement of one pair tires on the disc. What is most irksome is the involvement of heavier unforeseen problems requiring a fixing. This is the way it has been all across Shorthorn country these last few days. One unusually bright bit of light these last few days to have been enjoyed, during one rainy afternoon Fillip and I managed to put in a little preparatory cleaning on Greenees replacement engine block. Additionally wild life sightings at the most unexpected time continue to thrill us. Yesterday during one of our road trips between farms we sighted an immature fox crossing the road completely ambitious to our approach. Perhaps more later, pictures even…. Rainbows Fernan


Paula said...

A Happy Mother's Day to Frieda.

Fernan said...

Frieda wishes you the same Paula.
Thank You